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Decisions, Decisions.......(@_@;)


Many of our plants have been bought to remind us of family/ friends etc….take for example the rose Madame Hardy, purchased to remind OH of his mother, who’s maiden name was Hardy…..well what happens when said rose, becomes a bit of a monster, and flowers only once!!…..see my dilemma?…I think we should remove it, and use the space for something more floriferous…..after all we have Rosa Gertrude Jekyll…….OHs mother was a Gertrude!! problem solved……in my mind perhaps!!
We have been hanging on to Rosa Compassion, sentimental reasons again, and each year it ends up covered in rust and blackspot……. thankfully OH agreed and removed her this week!!

Now our first arch is accommodating a lovely rose Ali Baba, one side…and the gorgeous climber Open Arms, the other side plus two other climbing
plants a summer flowering Clematis and a now too big for it’s boots winter flowering Clematis Wisley Cream, which one stays, which one goes?…….I feel it should be Wisley Cream, although practically evergreen, it is dominating the arch, taking all the light from the roses!!…..OH is undecided!!………decisions…. decisions…

This summer our beautiful white Hydrangea, became scorched, because our old large very rustic arch had been removed, and replaced with a more dainty one, leaving the Hydrangea exposed to full sun!!!! .not good, anyone moved an established plant? advice would be gratefully received……

These are just a few of the many decisions we will have to make this Autumn…… Have you any major decisions to make this Autumn, or is everything in your garden looking rosy!!!!!.

Talking about rosy, I am finishing with a picture of Rosa flower carpet Amber………and our new Passion flower Silly Cow!!… thought that would make you smile!!!! ◉‿◉

There is a subtle difference between the common Passion flower and Silly Cow!…… honestly!! You need to look very closely!!

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is a 1/4 of the flower a different colour? it seems to be a different shade.

I understand about the roses and I would have done the same.

2 Aug, 2019


Seaburn, yes it does look as if has different coloured flowers, will see what the next set of flowers look like, this is it's first bloom....

2 Aug, 2019


Lovely rose.

3 Aug, 2019


Well its beautiful but goodness knows who gave it that name - there should be a story behind that somewhere!

3 Aug, 2019


You will always have fond memories of members of your family even if the plant in their memory has to go from your lovely garden.

We have areas in the garden needing a rethink, our pond area needs clearing and tidying up. Autumn hopefully after the summer house has been painted!!! That WAS going to be done earlier this year but you know how it is?!!!

3 Aug, 2019


There are many plants in my garden too that are associated with friends and family members ..... the Norway maple which was a birthday present from my Mother, Father's azaleas and rhododendrum adopted when their home was sold, the Salmon's Leap climber given by my close college friend to my Mum in memory of Father when he died , my portion of the clump of rhodohypoxis split with four Trefoil Guild friends as a souvenir of our visit to Gardeners' World Live this year and so the list goes on. Gardening is so much more than tending plants ;-) It is sad when individual plants are past their best or fail to survive but many are documented in our gardening records here, usually with photos as well and often find their way onto our garden shopping list so we have the enjoyment of browsing for their replacements too. As I am the only gardener here decision-making is less complex .... if there is room, I like it, can afford it and am prepared to grow it the collection continues! The family seem to enjoy the garden :-))

4 Aug, 2019


Only having a balcony & being the only gardener makes things a little easier for me but - like you all - I still have plants given to me by others that cause me a bit of a dilemma at times too!

For example I have a Peony given to me for my birthday earlier this year but, although I loved the short lived flowers, it's not ideal for the balcony, takes up too much precious space for two short weeks of flowers a year! I have two surviving Fuchsia half standards, one of which I've managed to propagate lots of cutting from. The first time I've had success in rooting Fuchsias for years. They won't be going anywhere but it can be difficult to find a good place for them.

I have a Bromeliad Guzmania given to me 6-7 years ago which is now "flowering", for the 3rd time I think, in the kitchen. Terribly easy to look after but the leaves are quite stiff & it's rather a nuisance where it is. I'm thinking of throwing it away when the tube dies back in a few months. But the Spanish lady who gave it to me was here for a day this summer & I showed her how her gift was still growing!

7 Aug, 2019


Balcony, I can understand how difficult it must be with such a limited space to keep plants that only flower for a short period of time!!
A shame you will have to throw away the Guzmania!!
Xela, thanks for commenting on my blog, I am sure your family do love your garden, and hopefully you will not have to discard too many plants in the future!!

10 Aug, 2019

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