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Still not able to access GoY news


By Janey


Hi everyone, I was able to get GoY news for just one day this week. It says there’s a problem with GoY.
I know Rose is having difficulty too.
Has it been the same for everyone do you know? A problem with the site?
I’m just beginning to get withdrawal symptoms!
Hopefully I’ll be able to see replies to this.

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I was beginning to think I was the only one with this problem! I was wondering if it had anything to do with my browser & all the adblockers I have installed to avoid seeing ads as much as possible. But on the other hand they have been installed for a very long time & I have never seen this problem before.

It did let me add a photo yesterday & I wrote a brief message on there about not being able to access GoY. It also let me add a picture to GoYpedia & I was able to view blogs or pictures but I couldn't comment on any of them! (Except on mine).

5 Jul, 2024


For most of this week I have not been able to access news. As soon as I sign in it told me there was a problem but if I wanted to I could get into blogs, pictures etc. I have been able to add one comment when I wanted to. Now it is functioning ok but I have no idea how long it will last. I suppose my trying to use the site will last as long as my patience does. And it is running out!
PS. Just tried and it still will not let me access 'news'.

5 Jul, 2024


Likewise, unable to access News, I thought it was something to do with me, so sort of relieved to find it's not.

6 Jul, 2024


I still can't get into my account. I can put a photo on but I can't "like" anyone's photos etc. Some days I can't get in at all. Still getting this message when I press Thorneyside for my stuff.

We've made a mistake

Looks like something isn't quite right with Grows on You.

Please try again, and we're sorry for the inconvenience.

6 Jul, 2024


I either see '504 Bad Gateway' or 'Oops, something has gone wrong!' ... I do hope the issue/problems with the site can be resolved soon.

Come back soon ... I've had enough of Euro2024!!

6 Jul, 2024


Thornyside I still get the same message you get! It's most annoying! It seems one of the ways to get in is by going to gardening blogs which is how I got in here. But I don't know if your can write new blogs - yet! As Janey's written here I suppose it must be possible!

6 Jul, 2024


I've been able to make a blog but I can't add any photos not previously uploaded before the fault began. I will modify it when GoY is up & running as it was before.

6 Jul, 2024


I am now getting the oops message too.

6 Jul, 2024


Still no change!

9 Jul, 2024


I log in every day but still no change - still can't access our news nor fav any photos! 😥

11 Jul, 2024


Same here everyone, I've messaged the team quite a few times but still NOTHING>>>>>>>

17 Jul, 2024


I've tried to message on here, but it just flicks off. Whether this will be added who knows. Such a shame we've all enjoyed this site for years, we don't want to lose it and our friendships.

17 Jul, 2024


I messaged Dave yesterday as my news page says 'Untitled' on each and every photo and blog so I have no idea what I'm looking at! He has very promptly replied and is trying to sort it for me. Thanks Dave.

17 Jul, 2024


I still get the same even after 2 weeks! Thanks for messaging Dave & let's hope he can fix things.

17 Jul, 2024


I couldn't upload any photos yesterday! I wanted to add them to my new blog but even that draft seems to have disappeared! 😥

17 Jul, 2024


I've just gone through and have managed to type in messages for once.

19 Jul, 2024


GoY is beginning to return to the site we have all been used to! 👍 The News feed has now nearly returned to normal but you are still unable to mark the posts as read! Perhaps in a few days?

I've been able to upload some photos but it is hard, tedious work! While you upload just 1 photo at a time they end up being published - but it takes about 5 minutes or more per photo! I was trying to add some photos to a blog yesterday but the only way of getting them to upload was just choosing one then going back & choosing another. Then in the blog itself you had to choose the option "older photos" to see what you had uploaded & add them to the blog that way. I ran out of time & patience to finish the blog yesterday!

19 Jul, 2024


Yes Balcony I have the same problems.

20 Jul, 2024


All the problems on GoY now seem to have resolved & the site is responding much quicker & the News Feed is back to normal - after at least 3 weeks! 👍

21 Jul, 2024


Yes Hoorah and thankyou to the person or team working on it too.

22 Jul, 2024


I wouldn't say it's all back to normal yet as when I click on 'Seen' on a photo on my news feed, it simply ignores it and the 'Seen' comes back. When I clicked on a 'Stop Following' all the 'Seen' ones vanished ... weird!

22 Jul, 2024


I haven't seen any problems on GoY for the last couple of days. In fact, for me, it seems to be going faster than in a long time! 👍

22 Jul, 2024


Yes so pleased things are working well again!

23 Jul, 2024

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