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Germination and seed starting


Every year I try to start seeds indoors and it seems like I have a higher failure rate than success rate. This year I am looking into grow lights and heating pads, rather than relying on the little sunlight I get in my dining room (which is designated the growing room in spring). I have already started some seeds with only a small percentage of success.. so far at least. I’m afraid I’ve missed my chance to restart the early veggies…. I should be able to direct sow them pretty soon!

We had begun building permanent raised beds in our backyard a couple weeks ago. They are still not finished. The weather went from beautiful to freezing (literally), so it’s been difficult to find the motivation. Although a beautiful garden is motivation for a lot of work this time of year!

We had rented a bunch of library books full of garden ideas… but I am very happy to say that I get most of my ideas from all of my friends (yes, that’s you!) on GoY. I became a member a few years ago and have had all sorts of questions answered. My husband has become interested in the website lately. He is even browsing pics at work (not sure how I feel about that)… Just don’t get fired!

I am very sad to say that I’ve lost all of my plant tags that I’d been storing over the last few years. They are missing action ever since we cleaned out the garage in the fall. So… with that being said, I’m going to be asking for a lot of plant IDs this summer. I am horrible at remembering varieties of my plants and without my tags, I am clueless.

I think we are pretty far behind all of my GoY friends in the UK. You all have such beautiful garden pictures already and my daffs haven’t even bloomed (although I foresee that happening in the next week or two). There are all sorts of signs of spring. I see everything coming up and trees budding. Can’t wait to share my pics!

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I know what you mean about starting seeds indoors, even if they do get going alright I always seem to do them too early and end up with plants that are too leggy. With the weather too cold to harden them off, they stay indoors too long and seem weak in comparison with ones grown outside.
Done it again this year though. I have a tray of sunflowers which have all fallen over already!

29 Mar, 2011


Good luck, Laine, with your gardening plans ...
I'm not very good with growing seeds ...
I don't really have the right facilities ...

Good to read that your husband is getting into GoY and gardening too :o)

29 Mar, 2011


It's not easy starting seeds off indoors is it - just not enough light really. I hope your plants come through well this year.

30 Mar, 2011


Good luck with your seeds. And I hope you get your plants identified.

30 Mar, 2011


Hope you have some success with you seed's and you never know you may find you plant label's .

30 Mar, 2011

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