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Why has everything grown so large?


On one border (east facing) so many normally lowish plants have grown quite massive. The lavender bush is 5ft tall and the Geranium (Patricia I think) has grown to a good three feet. Plus the Fatsia leaves are huge and the Ligularia Przewalskii leaves easily measure a whopping 15" from side to side. I have never seen leaves that size on a Ligularia before.

I assume the growth has been a combination of the weather and the trees growing the other side of the fence (now only one – the ash has been chopped but not killed*). The border is looking very lax and floppy despite us trying to restrain the plants.

In contrast the opposite border is growing very neatly and prettily though, as with the first border, everything at the front is leaning towards the lawn instead of growing upright. We’re certainly having very strange conditions this year. Shame about the wet though because so many plants are saturated and losing their blooms too quickly so before we know it they will have come to the end of their season. Ho hum. That’s what gardening is all about.

*The dreaded ash tree was finally chopped right down 2 weeks ago but to my disappointment my neighbours are not going to deal with the trunk. I tried to say that it will grow again very quickly but received a shrug of the shoulders. So in a few years I shall again be pulling out loads of ash seedlings. Can’t have everything I suppose but having gone to the trouble of chopping the whole tree down why didn’t they finish it off? Clearly they aren’t too bothered by the roots spreading under their house and into the drains. Funny, some people.

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Yes.....a strange year of weather which has made everything in the garden reach for the stars, it seems.
What a shame the Ash tree is going to create the same problem again , giving you more work and them more expense sometime down the line. Strange, that some people have no foresight and can't be told either.

27 Jun, 2016


You could suggest stumpwood killer is cheaper than a tree surgeon.....

27 Jun, 2016


They didn't have a tree surgeon. It was done piecemeal by the absentee owner's son. I couldn't watch him using a chain saw up the tree whilst only wearing boots, shorts and a helmet. Still, he survived, luckily.

28 Jun, 2016


Looking at my trees for the second year they have made huge growth, maybe a foot or over......

Its got to be the mild wet weather I think

My suggestion is to chop off anything on your side as soon as you see it, maybe they'll get the message

The chainsaw lad was incredibly lucky!

1 Jul, 2016

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