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... on the last day of (September) summer


By balcony


… on the last day of (September) summer

I imagine you all know the nursery rhyme song about the The Big Ship Sails on The Ally-Ally-Oh (on the last day of September), well that is where I get my inspiration for the title of this blog!

This being a gardening forum I’m not about to talk about ships or the months of the year – no, not even the seasons (though these do concern us gardeners quite a bit!)

No, I want to show you the balcony I garden on & from where my avatar name derives.

So here is a view on our balcony as you might have seen it if you had walked past it yesterday (or today or tomorrow for that matter!):

Balcony as seen from the street on the last day of summer 20th September 2016:

Here are some other views taken at the same time as the first one:

Balcony seen from the right hand side:

Balcony seen from the centre:

Balcony seen from the left hand side:

Begonias flowering on balcony railings from the inside:

Trailing Begonias Apricot and Salmon pink on balcony railings:

Dahlia ‘Diablo’ on balcony floor seen from outside:

Dianthus chinensis: China Pink ‘Baby Doll’ on balcony railings:

Carnation (florist red) flowering on balcony railings:

I call this “florist red” because it came originally from a couple of cuttings from a bunch of red Carnations our daughter bought her mum when she lived with us after returning from Spain.

Fuchsia in strawberry planter on balcony:

Fuchsia red and white on balcony floor:

Fuchsia Purple & white in hanging basket on balcony:

Variegated Geraniums ‘Vancouver Centennial’ on balcony:

This is one Geranium a really love!

Gladiolus flowering on balcony railings:

A Gladiolus corm somehow found its way into the trough that sits in the centre of the balcony railings. When I first noticed it it was too late to do anything about it. I was surprised when I saw a flower spike was developing! But, as you can see, it grew & flowered very well & wasn’t broken down by the wind as I fully expected to happen!

Lavatera flowering on balcony:

These are seedlings that I never found space for in the pots, tubs & troughs on the balcony! They have grown & flowered in the same little pots I put them in when I did the first transplant!

There are half a dozen little pots of the red florist Carnations I rooted in the seedtray with the Lavateras. I find this Carnation a doodle to root!

But I don’t just grow flowers I also grow tomatoes! In fact I’ve grow a few plants almost every year of the 15 years we have lived in this flat & I’ve been gardening on this balcony!

Here are a few photos of the yellow cherry tomatoes that are growing on the balcony this year:

Yellow cherry tomatoes ripening on balcony:

Tomatoes seen from behind the Begonias on the balcony railings from outside:

I have enough plants on my balcony to make up a 2nd blog! One of the difficulties is that it is almost impossible to get a decent photo of most of them together as I can’t move away far enough so I can only take partial photos. Look at the two of the Begonias, I took one from the left side & one from the right side yet not all the 13 pots of Begonias are visible in the two photos!

I expect that many of you wonder at the strings you can see in the photos of the balcony – well, wonder no more, here’s the answer:

Morning Glory climbing up chicken wire:

Morning Glory climbing up strings:

Early in the morning on the first day of autumn 2016:

Now we have started the autumn I think I can safely say the summer of 2016 is well & truly over for this year!

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incredible amount of colour in such a limited area ,probably more than I have in the whole garden on the 21 sept.

22 Sep, 2016


Wow, how you have managed to get so many beautiful plants in a limited space is amazing.

22 Sep, 2016


Amazing how much you fit into your little balcony. :O)

22 Sep, 2016


I look at your photos again and again Balcony, in order to convince myself it is one and the only balcony. I am asking the same question with Jenlewis. How can you manage to get so many plants in a limited space? When I try something similar they grow poorly and leggy.

22 Sep, 2016


It always looks fantastic Balcony but I think you have surpassed yourself this year, I love that red carnation and your Gladioli.
Incidentally I am now singing that flipping song, lol....

22 Sep, 2016


WOW absolutely brilliant & colourful. x

22 Sep, 2016


Your balcony is a wonder to behold. You've got more there than some people have in their whole gardens ... and it looks better than many gardens I've seen :)

22 Sep, 2016


(Blush) Thank you for your praise but you make me feel very embarrassed! I didn't make up the blog with the intention of looking for praise - I made it up to show you what the balcony looks like at the present moment!

You've only seen about 3/4 of what I have on it! I didn't show the hanging baskets for example although you'd have had a glimpse of them in some of the photos - particularly the shots of the balcony from the outside.

I learnt to cram as much as possible into the balcony during all the years I lived in Spain. Being as few houses have gardens in Spain, most people live in flats, they garden on their balconies.

22 Sep, 2016


It's hard to believe you can possibly get so many healthy plants into such a small space! I love the morning glories!

22 Sep, 2016


Stera, just this morning I noticed, for the first time, that there are some dark pink Morning Glory flowers on the strings on the balcony! I'd seen some very pale pink ones & even a very pale blue one but not a dark pink till today!

I've been growing Morning Glories for over 30 years! I first started in Cuenca, when we lived in a fifth floor flat & I once took a photo of our youngest son looking out through a curtain of Morning Glory leaves & flowers at one end of our balcony while I took a photo of him! I believe we still may have it.

27 Sep, 2016

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