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TerraToonie AWOL!


By balcony


I was reminded of TT today. I’ve not seen her on GoY in a long time. :-(( I sent her a PM to ask after her a few weeks ago, but I’ve had no reply.

We have exchanged emails over the years but I can’t find hers to send her an email & I have no idea where she lives, her address or even her real name & surname, so there’s no way of contacting her. Unless some Goyer can get in touch with her

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I had an email from TT recently. I can't give any details about name, address etc without her consent.
She's been busy with working in her garden, trying to make it secure and safe. She's had to do it all herself and has had very little time for the internet.
She will be back when she can.

28 Sep, 2016


Thanks, Hywel. I wouldn't expect you to give out personal info on an open page that anyone could see! That's the sort of info we only give in PMs.

I just wondered if she was alright as she hasn't posted anything in a long time when she was always so active on GoY!

28 Sep, 2016


Tt still posts regularly on Facebook.She put a status up only a day or two ago with a photo Truffle.

28 Sep, 2016


I didn't know that. I haven't joined facebook.

28 Sep, 2016


I do miss TerraToonie on here but honestly, if she wanted to get in touch with us, she would. I thought something happened to her, but she's just too busy to say hello. These 4 lines took me all of 30 seconds to type. hello!

29 Sep, 2016


We had this discussion recently Bathgate,
she'll be back ...., as I hope a lot of friends will...when the weather changes

29 Sep, 2016


yes it was me that asked about her a couple of weeks ago.
glad she is active and well. that was my main concern.

29 Sep, 2016


Somebody mentioned that she's very active on Facebook and with her garden. Me too...

29 Sep, 2016


Glad to hear she is doing fine! Although I have Facebook I rarely go on there. I think she is one of my friends on there.

29 Sep, 2016


I only ,mentioned Facebook, Paul, as Balcony was asking how she could be contacted. I know she used to struggle with blogging etc on GOW because of her eyes........maybe finds Facebook, quicker, easier ....not sure. I do post quite a lot on Facebook but like to come on here and read blogs etc even when not posting myself.

29 Sep, 2016


I too miss Terra but the last time I heard from her she was having really bad problems with her eyes, I don't mind admitting I was a tad worried...

30 Sep, 2016

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