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'Pinky' or not 'Pinky'?


By balcony


‘Pinky’ or not ‘Pinky’?

This it appears is a blog which I saved as a draft back in March 2016!!! I may have forgotten to publish it at the time!

Anyway as I was writing a blog today I noticed this was sitting in the section on the right hand side of the page where it says “Saved drafts”. I opened it & saw that I could almost repeat it word for word this year, 2018!

It’s flowering at the present moment on our living room table, rather later than March as we are 3/4 of the way through May 2018!


‘Pinky’ or not ‘Pinky’?

It’s now March 2016 & ‘Pinky’, or what I took for being ‘Pinky’, is flowering again – only it’s not the original bulb I was sent by a lady on another gardening forum I post on several years ago. That one hasn’t shown up so far this year! No, this is a different bulb as I’ve never had a pink Amaryllis before – other than ‘Pinky’. This is the first time it has flowered – only the flowers are distorted! The lower petal hasn’t formed or hasn’t formed properly. On the pot I’ve written “Red with white veining” but that is clearly wrong! It’s actually white diffused with pink veining & a white stripe down the middle of the petals – very pretty & unusual – at least for me!

The bulb has just three flowers but has produced several offsets which are distorting the pot! That means I will have to remove the offsets, repot them & the mother bulb.

The first 2 photos are the ones I mistakenly thought were ‘Pinky’, the following two photos correspond to the original bulb I was sent by a lady from the Scilly Ilses & the last photo is a close up of the first flower to open before I started to think it was ‘Pinky’ hence the caption on the photo “White with pink veining”.

‘Pinky’ has very wide open petals with almost no vestige of trumpet like the other Amaryllis have. This bulb has almost the opposite – as you may be able to see in the photos – a quite a nice shaped trumpet form.


I obviously forgot to add photos & since the computer they were originally on went west about that time I no longer have the original photos. Nevertheless the photos I’ve added above correspond more or less to the description I had written back then.

Here are a few photos taken this month of the same bulb as that which I wrote about in 2016. In spite of the different colours they are all of the same bulb. Which just goes to show just how important it is to have the same lighting conditions! (Obviously I didn’t!)

To finish I’m going to add one last photo where this bulb is flowering amongst many others on our living room table:

I did a search for more photos of mine tagged ‘Pinky’. Google found at least 29 on just one page, including those I posted on GoY!!! I’ve also come up with the first picture I took of Amaryllis ‘Pinky’ in a blog I wrote back in 2014! (there are a couple of others as well!)

I still have no idea where this one come from & even though I’ve been naming it as ‘Pinky’, it very obviously isn’t!

If anyone in interested I’m putting a link in that will take you to the blog I wrote in which I posted a photo of ‘Pinky’ when it opened its first flowers for me!

Excuse me if you remember me posting this blog before (2 years ago) then please forgive me for repeating it. If anyone does know if it was published before please put a link to it in the comments below.

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I don't remember it and if it is in your drafts section it wont have been. well at least not in my experience.

all mine are in flower at the moment and I like them better at this time of year than forced for Christmas.

23 May, 2018


Even if you had posted it before, it is nice to see it as new, or it would have taken a LOT of browsing to maybe or maybe not come across it some time. I found it interesting, thank you :)

26 May, 2018


Thank you for your comments.

Like you, SBG, I prefer my Amaryllis to flower when they are ready, which is around the same time as the daffodils start!

Pamelaanne, you are right saying it would have taken a lot of browsing to find it! I've written many blogs over the years on Amaryllis!

The pink & white one finished flowering today & I took off the dead flowers & put it outside on the table on the balcony till I can make space for it on the shelving in the corner of the balcony.

28 May, 2018


Wonderful blooms....

26 Jun, 2018

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