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Off loading photos from your Android phone & uploading to GoY


By balcony


Off loading photos from your Android phone & uploading to GoY

About getting the photos off your Android phone, as I have one, I think I can help you!

Plug your phone cable into both the computer & phone. If the computer doesn’t recognise on the phone, go to the notification bar at the very top of your phone’s screen. Pull it down & you should see a 3 pin symbol (like a trident), this is your USB connection. You may get a screen that says something like “Use USB to charge this device”; “Transfer files”; “Transfer photos”; or something similar. Choose the the first option, “Transfer files”.

On your PC, (if no notification pops up), go to MyComputer where you should find your phone under its name (ignore anything else)

Double click on your phone’s name & you will be presented with one or two discs, depending on whether you have a SD card card installed, or just “Internal storage”.

If you know where your photos are kept after you take them, go there, if you don’t, check your internal storage first (double click to open) then look for a folder called “Pictures” or “DCIM”, Photos.

If your photos are kept on the SD card follow the steps above & then below.

Double click to open one or the other. If there are any photos in the folder you will be able to move/copy them to your PC. Normally to the “Pictures” folder. Best to create a a new folder here first & give it a meaningful name before you transfer the photos to the PC.

On your PC, in the Pictures folder, (in your new folder), find the picture & rename it to something that makes more sense than a series of numbers & letters!

When you want to upload a photo to GoY go to the drop down menu at the top of the page & choose “Add Photos”. A dialogue box will pop up “Add a single photo or add multiple photos”. follow the instructions on screen. Click on the Browse button & then go to your “Pictures folder”, locate the photo(s) you would like to upload, when you find it, click on it & then at the bottom of the page on the “Open button”, this will cause your photo to be uploaded to GoY. Once uploaded you will get this message “Your photo is uploaded and ready to share. Give your friends your personal address”.

If you want to include it in a blog, just open the “Write a Blog” page as normal & at the bottom of the page there will be the option to include photos. Click the button & follow the prompts. Choose the photo on your PC & follow the instructions.

Although all of this may seem long winded, after a couple of tries you will find you can do it almost without thinking. It becomes 2nd nature after a short while.

Hope all of this is clear & makes sense to you. I went through the steps I describe above as I wrote them to make sure they work.

I know it works for Android phones but I have no idea if the same steps will work on a Apple phone as I don’t have one. Or on an Apple computer!

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if I had an android I am sure this would be excellent guidance. as I don't it was still interesting to read and it made sense to this 'Ludite'. ;o)

23 Sep, 2018


I am glad and thankful I never bought one ! Still have my Minolta camera, and enjoy the prints of my journeys in their albums.

Incidentally, it just cost me £15 to find that when Ink jet cartridges are stored by a radiator or in the sun the ink goes solid. £48 and only one had ink in it. Hoping to get a refund. I got them for years from a small supplier in a shop with no heating on. He always had them displayed on open shelving, no trouble at all. I am sad he has gone. The big shops are not always the best.

24 Sep, 2018


Sorry to hear about your experience with ink cartridges, Diane.

I've been taking photos with my phone camera to put in blogs for many years now & it's 2nd nature to off load them onto the computer, rename them & put them in blogs! It's something I've probably done 1,000s of times by now!

Today's phone cameras are every bit as good as some stand alone cameras. Some phones, (the more expensive ones, obviously), take even better photos than many digital cameras as well.

24 Sep, 2018

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