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Something Odd About Iris


There was a rustling and a stirring in front of my house.

As Winter turned to Spring

and the rains came down

The miracle of life takes hold, I sensed this year was going to be different.

Something wasn’t right. Something’s off!

No purple splotches

or golden flecks

This is not Devil’s Riot – not what I paid for!

Should I jump up and down?

Stand on My Head?

Should I call the Attorney General? A grave injustice has been done.

I was suppose to get this

…but got this

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Very nice anyway. You're nothing without a sense of humour.

16 May, 2015


I agree...absolutely!

16 May, 2015


I love the white one though. Send a pic to the supplier and he might send you what you asked for and you'll win both ways!

16 May, 2015


that was 3 years ago but couldn't hurt

16 May, 2015


I sent T&M a photo when my pink plug bizzie lizzies flowered bright orange!
got another lot from them free.....and kept the orange, so nothing to lose....
to be honest I prefer the white one. ......

17 May, 2015


Cool. I do like the white one too and it looks perfect where it is. I have others so not a big deal. thank you :)

17 May, 2015


It's disappointing when you don't get what you pay for. Maybe it doesn't matter too much if you like white flowers, but I'm not keen on them myself. I like a bit of colour.

17 May, 2015


Bathgate, the reason I joined Goy was to try to identify a UK Ebay seller who sent me an incorrect Iris. Also to put a name to the incorrect one. Succeeded in neither, but thro my own research think I know the name of the incorrect one - Gallant Moment. What you describe is not uncommon. Unfortunately, since sometimes it takes more than one year, for Iris to bloom, one feels it a bit late to complain to the supplier. I do now. An importer in the UK of American Iris has repeatedly sent me an incorrect order, to the extent that I still have a rogue one turning up where I was awaiting a different colour or height.
I have also Emailed sellers in the Uk selling Iris on E bay to say that what they are picturing is not the Iris named. Eg the white Frost and Flame without its' distinctive orange beard. I do sympathise, as if you contract to buy a particular something, you should receive that, or have the error rectified.
Your white looks like Immortality, very common, unlike the distinguished orange bearded one!
I appreciate your disappointment,
Regards Siris, 70+ iris.

18 May, 2015


Thanks Siris for naming my Iris. I was expecting the dark purple of Devil's Riot so was initially disappointed. However as I look at it, 'Immortality' is rather elegant, fragrant and re-blooming. I bought it at the Home Depot in New York City 2 years ago - a big box store. The hassle of schlepping back there is not worth it.

18 May, 2015


Bathgate, Immortality is only a suggestion. If Home depot is a store, they probably buy in a huge batch from a supplier, which is most likely to be where the error occurred, in the fields on lifting. Iris do tend to sneak into the adjacent clump. The store probably no longer stocks the one you thought you bought. If it is different to those you have, no problem? But when you end up with X number of tones of 'red' that's annoying. I thought I was going stupid! Now I know I am for keep buying!!!

19 May, 2015


Nevertheless you got an iris, different colour but the same plant. Years ago a wanted to grow a cranberry and bought one of these paper boxes which have plant roots in and dead looking stuff outside. It said cranberry and I have now beautiful 7'ft lilac in the space.
I think that your pure white iris is beautiful.

20 May, 2015


Siris: I understand it's frustrating if you are looking for a specific cultivar and are misled by a mislabeled packaging. That's very irritating. These irises bare all the characteristics of 'Immortality.'

Klahanie: Lilacs are a beautiful bush. They perfume the house and attract lots of butterflies. I've seen some new white ones at the garden center the other day, but I still like the old fashion purple ones. They smell best. Iris bulbs are just a few dollars for a 5-pack.

20 May, 2015


Lol Klahanie! Can't eat lilac but it smells nicer than cranberries...

21 May, 2015


Thanks everybody for your comments and for enduring my campy humor. Hope everybody's garden is bursting with color. These little unexpected surprises are one of the joys of gardening.

21 May, 2015

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