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A Mid-Winter Wander Around My Little Courtyard Garden.


By bernieh


As many of you already know from my previous blog posts, most of the garden areas on my property are rather boring and drab … there’s lots of green palms, green ferns, hibiscus and duranta repens shrubs, acalyphas and some crotons, but these areas don’t change much at all during the year … remaining, for the most part, green throughout all the seasons. There are no vast expanses of lush lawn … or fantastic borders full of perennials! There are a few trees that bloom at different times of the year … but that’s the full extent of any seasonal change in colour.

The Courtyard Garden is my sanctuary … it’s where I can have other colours beside green. So here’s a look at how all the potted plants are progressing as we approach Spring. July in this part of the world is mid-Winter … and my location in Australia means it’s always a mild winter (similar to Summer in other parts of the northern hemisphere!)

Now below is a link to my video on You Tube and I should warn you in advance … prepare yourself … as you are about to hear the dulcet tones of my Aussie accent on this video!!!!

Courtyard Garden – Mid-Winter

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Brilliant !
I loved that tour around your courtyard, Bernie :-)))
I'd love to see the other parts of the garden too, all the trees and shrubs that you have there ...... any chance .... (remember what 'you' call drab, we call amazing !)
Pleeease :-)))

By the way, those dulcet tones of yours are beautiful, love them :-)

25 Jul, 2010


Thanks Louise ... you're way too kind! I'll have to think when to show other areas around the garden ... they look pretty shabby most of the year and right now they're definitely not that great.

25 Jul, 2010


What i saw of the brief glimpses of green areas they looked great ..... go on

25 Jul, 2010


Love your courtyard garden looks amazing is that to have a peanut tree growing in ones garden....thank you for sharing...will look at the rest of your videos later...:)))

25 Jul, 2010


It is amazing what you are able to grow. I love the colourful cordylines. It is a beautiful space to relax in and must be a lot of work. Thank you for sharing this with us. Truly inspirational.

25 Jul, 2010


I really enjoyed the tour of your courtyard garden,you have lots of lovely colourful plants.

25 Jul, 2010


Your courtyard looks great Louise, the colours are beautiful! My speakers aren't working, so sadly I couldn't hear the dulcet tones of your Aussie accent...:o)

25 Jul, 2010


Great garden Bernieh, I love ............. well everything actually! Lol

Isn't YouTube a great way of bringing people together?

25 Jul, 2010


I just loved my walk with you and enjoyed seeing all the lovely plants and hearing you introducing them all like little friendsl. I think your accent is so soothing, really nice. I was just commenting about how much work it must "be watering up" every day as I know just how long it takes me and I only have a fraction of your pots. thank you for posting such a great blog Bernieh.

25 Jul, 2010


I too liked my walk around your courtyard Berneih its wonderful, thank you for sharing it with us.

25 Jul, 2010


As always love to look round your garden. Thanks for letting us see what a lovely garden you have

25 Jul, 2010


you green thumb you!! wow - just delightful - now why won't my attempts at flowers turn out like that? Azaleas in your climate is amazing =)) (is? are?) I'm truly inspired to make more of my pots - it must be paradise to sit amongst those colours and sip a cuppa - and if it wasn't illegal I'd suggest a plant sharing or two and send you up some more pelagonians including a pure white one and a deep crimson ... but it is illegal ... isn't it?

25 Jul, 2010


Thanks all for the kind comments.

Ian ... spotted you on You Tube so I'll be looking out for more of your productions!

Grannysue ... you win the prize for being the most diplomatic. I don't think I've ever had anyone say my Aussie accent is 'soothing'! As for all the watering ... we're on water restrictions so I have to careful and prepare the pots well beforehand with water retaining mix combined with a great moisture retaining potting mix. I also add Saturaid on the top before the pots get a little bit of mulching as well. I find the watering is quite relaxing and I look forward to doing it in the late afternoons when I get home from a long day at work.

Cate ... the Azaleas took a while to take off. They've been potted up for three years now and have sat in my protected Greenhouse/Shadehouse Garden ... this is the first year they've both bloomed so beautifully! I have finally found the secret to pots in my particular part of the world ... given the watering restrictions and the climate/weather conditions ... figuring it out took about a year though!!!! I'm pretty sure it's not 'illegal' to send plants between our states ... it's just W.A. and Tassie that have restrictions. We might look into doing some sharing!!!

26 Jul, 2010


What a great courtyard garden tour. And to think it's mid winter! The flower and foliage display looks more like mid summer. In fact, if I look out of my 1st floor study window and crane my neck, I can see my neighbour's NG impatiens on her patio -- and here it's mid summer, and these plants won't last five minutes once the frosts arrive in the late autumn.

Watering: yes, it is relaxing. And with an extensive patio garden, a ritual that can't be put off. But, as you say, preparation of the pot mix can reduce the need for very frequent watering, and can help tide things over during absences.

I can see that you, too, have a lot of mature trees nearby, and the sound of their leaves rustling in the wind was audible on the sound track. A lovely, relaxing sound, and one of the benefits of having nearby trees. Also, one thing I've noticed in Australia is the importance of trees for shade against the omnipresent sun (although not on the day you shot the video!) whereas in the UK we tend to avoid the shade and seek the sun, particularly if trying to get a good garden growing. My garden has mini climate-shade-sunshine zones within just a few feet, with huge differences in plant growth and flowering potential.

Now I've got to go off and track down the ingredients for Lamingtons! Our twin son and daughter are having a BBQ party for their 40th birthday on Saturday. and our daughter insists that we bring Lamingtons. Fortunately, her Australian born but New Zealand raised fiancee is presiding over the BBQ (Brits really don't know how to BBQ properly), so there is a bit of an Australasian theme to the event.

Best wishes


27 Jul, 2010


Thanks for you kind comments Kowhai ... the winter in my part of Oz is very, very mild ... more like your summer!

You are right about the trees here. They are a must-have in my part of the world. We need lots of protection from the harsh sunlight and the heat ... as do a lot of my plants.

Enjoy your BBQ ... I'm sure your daughter's fiance will back me up when I say that there is an unwritten law here in Oz ... the rite of passage into the kingdom of Aussie malehood involves being able to BBQ ... and BBQ well ... while downing a six pack of beer! I'm sure he's a great BBQ chef.

Enjoy the lamingtons too!

27 Jul, 2010



I loved your YouTube garden presentation. What a great idea! : > )

What great sounds of the birds and breeze blowing through the Eucalyptus trees in the background. I miss the sound of the wind blowing through the Eucalyptus ...since my neighbors cut down all their very tall trees. By the way -- I love your accent! Terrific!

Your court reminds me of many of the courtyards around San Diego. We can grow many of the same plants here in winter ironic. : > )

28 Jul, 2010


Thanks Andy ... very kind ... I'm glad you enjoyed the little tour. You certainly picked the trees ... they were Eucalyptus trees in the background, well done!! It's a unique sound ... and one I'd miss dearly if I ever had to leave this place ... as I'm surrounded by that beautiful sound out here. All the potted plants are coming all really well this year ... I think I've finally got the potting mix right and I've worked out the best positions for the individual plants. I'm also very pleased with all the colours this year ... more oranges!

28 Jul, 2010



I enjoyed your garden tour, thoroughly.

I think you got the plants down very well. Orange and reds flowers are my favorite too. The plant which has the most incredible orange/red flowers is: Marmalade bush (Streptosolen jamesonii). It's a must have plant native to Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Do you have one?

I'll post a pics tonight.

28 Jul, 2010


No I don't know that one ... sounds lovely though. I'm always looking for plants with orange or red, and after checking out some google images, I'm adding it to my wish list. Even though I've never seen it in the nurseries here, they are stocking more and more interesting plants all the time ... I think we north Queenslanders must be becoming more interested in our gardens.

28 Jul, 2010


loved seeing the garden again berneih, looks great, i wouldnt mind it in the least, my ex brother-in-law over from perth at the moment, he`s lived there a good few years now, his dad was there so thats how it started, he loves the life and sunshine there, sounds strange hearing him with accent, use to him having uk one lol

18 Aug, 2010


It was a lovely chance to see around your courtyard 'as if in person' through your video,s. You do have a very soft voice and the accent isn't very strong. Not at all what I had imagined it would be!!!!

20 Aug, 2010


Thanks Homebird ... glad the accent wasn't too bad! I don't have one of those Aussie drawls, thank goodness!!

21 Aug, 2010

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