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Lawn Winter Food


By clarice


In winter my lawn takes alot of wear and tear feeding all the birds, but not do i only feed it in summer, i also feed every month in winter,
this is what it looks like at this time every winter

This is what i use

and this how it looks in summer

Remember i do use weed & feed in summer aswell.

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Hi Clarice

Lawn looking very lush , even in the winter.

We used to get Leather-jackets when we had grass, do you suffer with them at all? I think they cause the grass to go yellow and die.

Tell me, is that a verbena homestead purple in the distance? that is a nice plant isn't it, apparently very big in the usa!

Take care, Micky 45.

18 Dec, 2009


Hi Mick yes it is verbena, in winter its usually starlings make a mess of the lawn, mind you Mr & Mrs blackbird dont help hopping all over it and pulling worms out of it, good job i like wildlife. You take care aswell.

18 Dec, 2009


I have never fed my lawn after autumn until the spring, so do you think I should feed it in winter?

18 Dec, 2009


Well i feed it this as like i say the birds make a real mess of it, think i'd still do it though as it says on the packet it does your lawn good, and i have to admit i do not get any weeds or clover in my lawn in summer, so wether its me feeding summer and winter i dont know, but this bottle does a couple of winters so its not costing much to do it.

18 Dec, 2009


Your lawn looks healthy Carol :o)) You're looking after it well

18 Dec, 2009


Cheers Hywel it pays to use autumn feed i think and it only takes a few mins once a month.

18 Dec, 2009


Your Grass looks Fab Clarice maybe il give my Lawn some food to as the Grass is hit&miss in sum places :(

18 Dec, 2009


Like i say it takes alot of wear with all the birds, but come spring you can't tell the birds have been on it at all....

18 Dec, 2009


i dont use anything carol, but after this winter i may have to, baz mushed some of it up when fixing fence last week, nice pics :o))

18 Dec, 2009


Cheers Sandra :o)))

19 Dec, 2009

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