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Views of the garden, lots of work done, lots and lots more to do!!!


By crv1963


These are a few pics of our garden, following on from the slope garden blog. These show the other aspects. There are a large number of mature trees and bushes in but it was seriously overgrown this time last year.

We’ve concentrated on getting the top gardens sorted last year ready to plan and plant up this year. We’ve got to sort the shed, summerhouse and greenhouse out before they fall down. Going to cut the hedging to a manageable size, and on maintaining what we’ve done, while moving round the garden.

Last couple of weeks was the sloping gardens turn, still awaiting some snowdrops in the green arriving for there, and will use some of the suggestions we got for that area.

The sloping garden, faces SE.

NW Boundry, trees (mainly Laburnham) underplanted with vicious shrub roses, gets very dry and hard to grow any thing under as the ground is hard packed with roots!

SW Slope, 6’ privet hedge at the top, steps up from drive divide this slope. This is the view from base of steps.

Other side of the slope.

Bed near conservatory at top of SW Slope

Greenhouse faces SE, sad state of repair, been sorting that out today so it becomes useable!

The shed- looks ok but needs tlc and to be made waterproof!

Main pond, have got the filters running today, not visible but we put 20 Golden orf, 12 koi and an assortment of goldfish in- we put the koi and orf in last year.

The dovecot- another repair job on the list!

A huge pile of assorted rubbish and compost to dispose of!

The summerhouse- another tlc job!

One of our Box balls believed to have been planted in the 1920s or 30s.

The three box balls in a row.

Small pond by greenhouse entrance! More tlc required.

Well that’s all folks, as you can see we have lots more work to do on our garden, but we’ve made a good start last year, and the warm spring has meant we started early this year!!

Greenhouse waiting to be cleaned up!

Tidy and repaired ready for planting up

Emptying small pond- by hand GH glass in the bottom

Cleaned and refilling it.

Old hedge cuttings at bottom of small ponds hill

Steps down from small pond built as it got dark!

The pile of old hedge cuttings- one of five we now have!

Another pile!

WL restoring the trellis- giving it a good like of fresh paint!

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Thankyou for the tour, you won`t be bored then with all those plans, and plenty of different places to work in, thats a natty looking shed you have there, I love the ponds, such a lot of interest you already have in your garden, greenhouse would have been top of my list as well for all the plants you will need..

3 Mar, 2012


Wow what a lovely large garden you have ! Great structure to by th looks of it too, of course lots of work too. Make sure you keep taking pictures of all you do so you end up with a great photo journal.Look forward to seeing everything you do.

3 Mar, 2012


Lot of work still to do but will be brilliant when it's all done! Good luck!!!!

3 Mar, 2012


Thanks for all your comments, it is a challenge but one we're looking forward to. The garden just swallows plants, we put 500 spring bulbs and about 250 assorted primroses and winter flowering pansies, some of which haven't flowered at all :(

4 Mar, 2012


Just to update we've had a friend help us with getting it all under control, cutting the boundry hedges for us, he had to use ladders against next doors 8' wall to reach up and cut our 10' high privet to a manageable hight!

Have finished repairs to the greenhouse- now fully glazed, just needs a clear out and the wild grape vine tamed! Looking forward to starting to use it to raise bedding and starting my onions and leeks off.

Will post pics when I get the chance.

6 Mar, 2012

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