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By crv1963


I thought I’d post an update on the progress we’re making in our garden. We’ve had to get some help into cut down the hedging and clear the piles of junk. Luckily the weather was kind! This was a couple of weeks ago, in March we took a week each off work and hired a skip!

Old hedge cuttings from previous years to be cleared.

Pile of old and new hedge cuttings to go into skip.

Painting the trellis

Another pile to clear

Starting to clear greenhouse

Plot cleared! Laburnham transplanted from another part of the garden.

Two gates found buried at the back of the garage. Transformed into a bit of trellis, then a set of gates found laid aroung the garden put into place next to them to keep our lovely dog safely in the garden.

Abstract structure made from stone laid under all the piles of old cuttings, and the lilac bushes!

So of course they had to be repainted a different colour! So we went for silver, lighten up the iron work.

Of course it made the railings look very tired.

Railings sanded down ready to be transformed with silver paint.

Railings being painted.

Which in turn made the drive gates look in need!

Meanwhile back up the hill…… work progressed on creating a gravel garden.

Then the snow came!

More shots of the snow! Over the bridge and there are lots of flowers in those pots!

Probably had 6" all told!

9 April, snow gone, no harm done to the pots!

Same view as when covered with snow.

Spring border planted last autumn.

The Peony plant wasn’t showing two weeks ago. Has spent since December buried under a foot of rotten pigeon droppings.

Peony on the other side, you can just see the broad bean plants that went in today in the raised bed.

The pots really haven’t been affected by the snow!

View of the broad beans and cabbage growing in my new veg patch.

Leeks, onions and garlic growing on in the greenhouse.

The Chilli plants, and stock sown on lower level, iris bulbs to go into the garden when it warms up!

Tomato plants growing on, have some flower buds already. Only growing them because you can’t have a greenhouse without tomatoes, I don’t like eating them!!!

More plants waiting to go into the garden down the slope facing the drive.

Picture of a couple of pots on a stand growing by the front door.

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at the work we’ve put in and progress we’ve made so far. I’ll post more pictures as we move round the garden.

More digging in the veg plot. Hard going because it’s full of couch grass.

Clematis Aplina White Columbine planted a couple of weeks ago.

Another shot of the Clematis Alpina, hoping it will grow up the trellis over the summer and give a good show next spring.

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Youve done really your 'monument' what a great idea!!
Isn't it funny how just painting one little thing ends up becoming just painting everything!!

9 Apr, 2012


The monument was because we wanted an obilisk but they are so expensive we decided to make our own. We have now painted the railings all the way round the garden, but it's so time consuming, preparing then the actual painting. We finished it just 2 days before the snow came down, it's a job that you wish you'd never started!

9 Apr, 2012


I'm good at those jobs Crv :)) or should I say good at finding those jobs!

9 Apr, 2012


What a lot of hard work but its looking good now! That obelisk is a great idea, looks really good.

10 Apr, 2012


You've been working really hard... lots of wonderful improvements !
The monument is really impressive and innovative :o)

10 Apr, 2012


Wow, you've done so much, and I sure you've got lots more to do (just like me!). Well done for getting on with it, both of you having time off work to tackle it makes it much quicker!

10 Apr, 2012


Thanks for the nice comments, I'm pleased the monument didn't fall over during the first gale! The hard work seems to be paying off. Us both working on it does make a big difference, especially as we bounce ideas around, although I am nominally in charge of the design lol!!!

10 Apr, 2012


You're making good progress :o) It's interesting to see all you've done so far. Good luck with the rest ...

10 Apr, 2012


wow! I love your spring boarder and pots. Veggies look fab too. Will enjoy following your story!

13 Apr, 2012


I'm exhausted just looking at the pictures! What a tremendous amount of work you have done. It all looks wonderful. I'll be watching your progress with much interest. Good luck!!!

18 Apr, 2012

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