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Garden shed repairs and makeover-a tutorial pt1 (Garden re-design part 8)


By diydick


Dismantled the shed totally today and started on repairs.Some of my pix show how its dismantled,panels moved (which isn’t easy on your own) and this idea can be used for moving other heavy or awkward loads, and what I found in the process.It may not be interesting to many people,but I have included and shown in the pix things that may help others undertaking a task like this.
I have dismantled it carefully as it will be going back up and will look like new.I hope!

Removing side panels from base which are nailed together.Doing this without splitting the wood is difficult so has to be done carefully.I am using 2 pry bars here and a small steel tube for extra leverage.
The small bar has a very thin edge that gets into the smallest of gaps which open it enough to get the large bar in.As the panel pulls apart you move the bars along and lever again until you get to the end.Once apart, the nails can be knocked out of the support/fixing bar at the bottom of the panel.

Now I need to move this panel which is 8 foot long up a slope to the area with a ground sheet.The panel is lifted slightly with pry bar and steel tubes put under front of panel.

The panel is pushed or pulled forward over the tubes which act like rollers.

The panel is now where I want it without too much hassle,the rollers done most of the work.

By placing the tube at an angle you can steer the panel left or right to where you want to go.In this case the back panel I need to get away from the wall up the scaffold board to my storage area.This worked fairly well.

This panel from the back has wet rot damage and this support timber that attaches the panel to the base broke in half due to this.

More rot on the bottom slat.It looks like these are the only two areas rotten on the panel that need replacing.All other panels look ok.

When I used the large pry bar to separate the damaged panel from the base the bar went straight through.This is the worse damage but the base is going.I managed to break this base up by hand which shows how weak it was in places.

All the panels stored and ready for repair and weatherproofing,note algae growth here from the wet.

The Rotten base

Base lifted exposing the sub base I put down for extra protection it stopped any water damage from the shed sitting on the concrete and possibly in water.Unfortunately the rain damage came from above.The shed has been there for approx. 8 years sitting on these timbers (fence posts).These were brought pressure treated but I soaked them in creosote as well as the support timbers attached to the base.All these timbers are sound with no wood worm or rot so can be re-used.

All the timbers removed in good condition,will use some to strengthen and replace parts on panels.

The concrete base which I shall put a few courses of brickwork on and the shed will sit on these

Using the base area for doing the repairs.This is the end panel with the algae on.I gave it a quick go over with a wire brush,then scrubbed it with diluted Jeyes fluid and a broom.

Here is the same panel half hour later, washed off and drying out.
Almost looks new again and I haven’t treated it yet

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I like this kind of blog. Very informative. Thank you. :o)

9 Aug, 2010


Thanx Tt, glad you like it.

9 Aug, 2010



9 Aug, 2010


When you finish your shed Richard what will your next project be?

I only ask as my shed could do with similar treatment! Lol.

A great blog and very informative.

9 Aug, 2010


Sorry Ian...
line up in the queue...
I'm asking Richard to help me with my garden projects ...Lol.

9 Aug, 2010


Sorry Tt, I have already asked too, Lol !!!!!!! Good work Dd.

9 Aug, 2010


lol. :o)

9 Aug, 2010


What a great blog post, at least there was no little furry critters living underneath! My brick outbuilding needs serious attention...basically knocking down as it is crumbling and rotten, and there are little furry critters living there!

9 Aug, 2010


I've got little furry critters (Not what I call them! Lol) in my shed. They ate one of the cushions off the sun loungers! Little bl##ders

9 Aug, 2010


Ian we found in our garage, a hole in the bird feed bag and a trail of seed etc going to the corner, where we found chewed up plastic sacks, now useless as holes in them and chewed up cushion, like yours and chewed up rope and a pencil and bits of plastic !!! Bless the B's, no sign of the rotters though!! Lol

9 Aug, 2010


Brilliant blog Ian - very informative and good descriptive pictures.We took down our old summer house last week, it had been up about 20yrs OH built it from scratch so its not done too badly. The new shed arrives on Monday just hope that us two old coggers can manage to put it together.

9 Aug, 2010


Pssst, Stroller, This isn't my blog! ! ! ! !

It belongs to Diydick. Lol

9 Aug, 2010


Brilliant blog Ian ;o)

9 Aug, 2010


Yeah! nice one Ian Lol.

If any else needs work done,form an orderly queue..... please! Lol.

Thanx for all your kind comments,and Fondantkiss....there were plenty of furry critters,still coming out the panels today as I was repairing and cleaning them.

9 Aug, 2010


Sorry Fondantkiss,
got that last bit wrong,they weren't furry as in mice, they were hairy! the 8 legged variety lol.
It wasn't until I read back and thought OMG spiders that chew through cushions,pencils and plastic! LOL!

Spiders don't normally bother me but I shall have to be a bit more careful now!

10 Aug, 2010


I could use you here in Georgia, please relocate LOL!

11 Aug, 2010


As TT said, 'join the queue' Lauram !!!!! Lol

11 Aug, 2010

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