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By dorjac


A knock on the door this morning revealed a suited and booted tree surgeon. There has been a nuisance tree out front here for years. In season some toe rags have spent years throwing small crab apples off it at our windows. Last year my neighbour had an altercation with some of these lads, so we wrote to the council asking for the tree to be removed. He did most of the work, as he is bigger than me and much more annoyed. Now this tree has gone. I cleared up a few stray apples that might be left to save any child from temptation

Felled at last with a 4 foot stump. I know trees should be allowed to grow but this one had caused quite serious trouble. It can be dangerous to tell yobs off for mischief making.

Into the shredder goes the nuisance tree. Echoes of Room 101. Also a photo of our new walls both us and next door had the walls replaced recently. The brickie, who also builds one off infill houses, if asked. He filled in my back garden circle last week. The tree surgeon is, hopefully, returning tomorrow to prune some too tall trees in our 50 foot garden. The house behind them is presently empty. So fingers crossed.

There is a Hazel in front of the white shed and a Laburnum that has grown far taller than we ever thought it would grow, to be shortened. More sun, less leaves and other floral droppings. The squirrel will be disapointed too.

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It made sense to have the council remove the tree. It's not pleasant to deal with such yobs. I hope all goes well with the others dorjac.

19 Mar, 2014


Your council must be much more considerate than mine, Dorjac. I have a tree just over the fence from me that lobs its branches at me periodically but 'they' say that it's not in the best interest of the tree to prune it or remove it!! Well done you and your neighbour. Hope all goes well with the additional work you are having done.

19 Mar, 2014


Goodbye nuisance tree :) I know how you feel dorjac, sometimes trees are planted in the wrong place, it was a relief when ours was cut down to a stump in our front garden, the tree surgeon also cut down and took away some conifers and huge shrubs for us for an extra £50. Good eh lol.. I hope your plans go ahead and your tree surgeon returns tomorrow..

19 Mar, 2014


Thanks Scottish, YoungDaisy and Gee I am sorry you can't get the council to cut down your nuisance tree. We had a hawthorn outside our house that got mown down by a mad motorist. Our then neighbour asked for it to be replaced and they planted the one felled outside his house. For a long time it was OK, then the crab apple throwing started. Really annoying.

20 Mar, 2014

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