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Winter into Spring in the garden.


By dorjac


What marvellous days of warm sunshine we are having. The garden likes it and has sprung to life with daffs and other early spring bulbs in bloom. The Camellias are huge and prolific and coming into flower in succession. I am a bit concerned that April might be a bit flat for colour. We had the front garden walls knocked down and rebuilt in cahoots with next door.This rebuild took ages, as the weather was so awful. Next door are away this weekend at a Chalet they bought last year at Cromer. Poor Cromer, battered to bits in the gales in the winter months. Their chalet survived OK, but all the beach huts were wrecked. In the back garden I have had the annoying circle taken out and crazy paved the same as the border around it. By the same mature brickie who did the walls. Finished Wednesday this week. The soil was distributed around the shrub borders. I know this is not eco friendly. I am no Spring chicken. Now I have an alternative patio in the shade after 12 mid day.

I took all the Heucheras out of the circle and potted them in soil from the circle. They seem happy with this treament. I did not fuss over their welfare, sink or swim! I had to dash out in the few intervals of dry weather to do the removals. They can be potted up a bit posher later if need be. There are more than this placed elsewhere.

This is the youngest Camellia. At its best ever this year due to all the rain.

This is the largest flowered Camellia. No Name. It hangs its head a bit and drops flowers if it is too dry, but it looks lovely from a distance.

A little bit of Spring garden with Star flowers, Tete a Tete daffs blooming under a pink Geranium, with lots of tulips in bud in the background.

Lots of buds on the old Camellia tucked into its cosy shady corner. It should a real show in a short while.

This is a flower lower down on the corner Camellia. A pretty smaller flower. The white Camellia will not bloom until a bit later. There is one flower on it at the moment. This is the beauty of Camellias that they bloom gradually and not usually all together, so there is a continuous display.

The saga of the Aubretia. I moved this clump some time ago. Along came Foxy and dumped it on the bricks below. I planted it back and watered it in. Dumped again aarrrrgh! back again. Now it is in bloom…..bravo Aubretia.

These are not a pretty sight. Allium Cowanei or whatever. Never buy this it is a vile plant that I hate. This is for Fran who may have it in her new garden in one spot I hope. I have made war on it in my garden for years and still it sneaks up on me. It reminds me of the broomstick scene in Fantasia! Da da da di da di da!

This is the business end of this obnoxious bulb. These were shallow but it burrows down as it matures. It is like a single blade of grass to start with. Soon gets 18 inches long and smothers other plants. It smells of musty onion and has a tiny white flower in about June. I will remove these photos when Fran has had a look at them.

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Hi Dorjac ..
wow.. you've been busy.
I like the crazy paving and the heucheras.
I've added your blog to GoYpedia. :o)

15 Mar, 2014


Your replacement 'circle' looks great, Dorjac, and so much easier to maintain. Glad your heucheras are all doing OK. I spotted the dreaded vine weevil in a couple of mine in spite of being treated a couple of times. I still have some of the stuff left so will give another dose asap. Your camellias are beautiful and I agree that they seem to have enjoyed all the rain. My white one was in blooms just after Christmas and is just about finished but the others are still to be enjoyed. I am busy removing all the lawn in my back garden, back breaking work but good to be out in the sunshine :)
Take care.

15 Mar, 2014


Thanks TT I feel thrilled to go on Goypedia. Yesterday I got a good comment from a high powered legal lady on another blog I use on a very tricky subject. Goy is total relaxation in comparison!

Gee I saw your blog on your new garden layout. I hope you wern't too watery during the monsoon we had this winter. I hope you can get it all fixed into position soon. Just a bit of grass for the torties. I don't want Mole to pay you a visit as he did under your path that time! Foxes are naughty in our garden. Digging plants up and bringing rubbish into the garden.

15 Mar, 2014


You have lovely camelias - they have been fantastic this year haven't they? Hope you find time to sit on your pretty new patio!

15 Mar, 2014


Lots of colour Dorjac and your camelias Wow!!!!

16 Mar, 2014


Thanks Sinbad and Steragram. The Camellias take a long time to get going. They are very rewarding.

16 Mar, 2014


I've spent most of today in the garden planting up the new beds. I will wait a while before I tackle the paths! The front garden is still too spongy to do anything but tiptoe across to cut down the dogwoods. Trying to get that done before the garden refuse is collected on Tuesday.

16 Mar, 2014


I do like the work you've had done on the patio, aren't the older tradesmen just great. Nothing is ever too much bother.
You've a lovely selection of Camellias there.

17 Mar, 2014


Thanks Scottish, I really dreamed of a posh circle all laid out with patterned stones. The brickie said it would be difficult to acheive without charging a lot more. He said he really liked doing crazy paving. Not so fashionable now, and it would be a lot cheaper.It is recycling too.

18 Mar, 2014


your circle looks a lot better now, Dorjac. if the Heucheras were potted with the soil from the circle, is there any danger of the pest being taken along as well?

Thanks for the warning pics! I'll have to double-check my bulbs, but I'm so ignorant of real plants ... at least you've given me a name I can check up on, thanks for that xx

18 Mar, 2014


lovely pictures I tried growing heuchura in my garden without success, do they grow better in pots then? I just bought 2 small ones 50p each in the B&Q sale (purple palace ) will try potting them up and see how they get on. will keep you up dated on there progress.

18 Mar, 2014


Nice to get bargain plants like Heucheras Anci. In pots in compost they are very subject to vine weevil which eat the tap roots. So I decided to use the soil out of the circle to pot them up. It has been discussed on GOY about they may be better in soil. I know what you mean Fran but if one of these pesky alliums comes up in a pot it is easily ejected into the green wheelie. The plant can be lifted out and searched for weevils at the same time. Worth a try. I pull them out by the bulb from below!

19 Mar, 2014


that's good to know - they're really and truly gone, at last!!

19 Mar, 2014

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