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A really enjoyable days gardening


By dungy


Evening all,
Well the weather here today “france” has been really nice,
So nice the flies have been out with me in the garden
(they really are a pest)

Ive at last managed to make a good start on the borders “re-moving weeds”

I know some will think “Get a life” but i enjoy weeding,

It gives you a chance to think while you weed and to discover bulbs pushing through,
Ive found my lilies are just showing above ground level,

They really are a smashing plant lilies,
the smell when they are in full bloom is just smashing,

I always mark the location of all the bulbs so i dont dig them up,

Ive said this before but its worth saying again,
a good way to mark the plastic labels for bulbs /plants is to use a pencil and then paint nail varnish over the pencil marking,
once the nail varnish has hardend it will stop rain/ice/and the cold weather from re-moving your writing on the labels.

It was nice about 6 pm tonight as i was calling it a day,

Just to sit on the garden bench with “lottie” one of my four rescue dogs and just look at all the colour in the garden.

I find it really nice to be able to have a hobby i can do all day alone and get so much satisfaction out of it,

World war three could have started for all i know and i wouldnt know anything about it,

To be working “if you can call it work” away and just thinking about times long gone and in the background hearing the birds singing away!!!
to me is just pure bliss

We live a very simple life here in the country but a very
relaxing one and a lot of it has come from enjoying whats around us “the countryside”.

Enjoy your gardening regards dungy. (And Lottie)

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I use a 'Sharpie' indelible pen.

24 Apr, 2013


Much of my garden still has to wake from its winter sleep but my daughter's pot of lilies (they came back with her when her relationship broke down last autumn) are wide awake and standing about 6" tall. Mine are much further behind, perhaps because they are in a clay pot rather than a plastic one (?) and/or in a more exposed position (?).

She made me smile yesterday ..... her ex doesn't like flowers (he prefers a yard full of vehicles to repair), 'bet the daffs I planted in the flower beds are driving him mad at the moment', she said. They may well have multiplied too. Lol.

24 Apr, 2013


Hello Dungy.
I've just discovered your blog and love it. Thanks for the tips, the humour and the tales of French life. I love France and hoped we might end up living there one day, but it was not to be.
However, we're going to Brittany for three weeks in June.
Keep the blogs coming--I shall look forward to them.

24 Apr, 2013


Great blog Dungy, always entertaining and so descriptive I can picture the scenes, I too love lilies and mine have all come through now so the ones in the pots have all been fetched out their winter shelters, been checked over, given a treat of fresh new topping and conditioner hoping for a grand display later, I've also treated the daylily`s that are planted in the garden to a good mulch of conditioner..
Thanks for the tip about the labels, now all I need to do is raid my daughters nail varnish, its gorgeous here today so I'm also enjoying my favourite pastime, I agree its bliss.....

25 Apr, 2013

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