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Stretch hose query


By eirlys


As I may have mentioned, ours is a Spring garden but at the moment the Alstroemerias are in full bloom and the plants in the terrace wall are doing their best. The fuchsias in the hanging baskets look good ; my miniature garden is in full bloom!!

Why am I telling you this? All these plants, plus the Acers, the Conifers, the trees etc need WATERING!

My husband has decided he would like a stretch hose. (Blame my shopping channel. I switched on at the wrong time!). I have to agree: the idea is a sound one : a hose that stretches to twice its length; is very portable; packs away easily and obediently. It sounds too good to be true to me, and that’s why I’m posting : to ask if anyone here has experience of these hoses?

I’ve looked for reviews and they are varied. I would prefer comments from a better source: your good selves!

So……………… you own a stretch hose? Would you recommend it? In short, any pros and cons would be welcome.

My THANKS in advance.

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Bought one myself 3 weeks ago...... Brilliant!! No more faffing around with a hose real, no more heavy hose to flatten plants when I'm yanking it around the garden. The pressure that comes from the hose is great. Light as a feather and that is largest one available at 100ft when it's expanded. I bought mine from a GC chain rather than the shopping channel. Comes with all the bits. You need to remember to empty it when you are finished, ie turn of the tap and keep your hand on the trigger. It's amazing how much water the hose holds. It's not recommended to use with power washers.
The only thing I can't comment on is its durability.

7 Jul, 2014


I need a new hose and reel and thought of getting one of these but the only time I saw it demonstrated it did not retract fully which put me off. Does it retract fully or are you left with a heap of it?

7 Jul, 2014


Just joining in to see any further comments.

7 Jul, 2014


I recommend my tub, and saving the grey water from
hand washing the old fashioned way.
I take 3 one gallon containers full down to the garden each
day, keep tub topped up. Drop 70 containers in about once every 3 weeks. Uggle guggle, I leave each one about 15 minutes, they get a good soaking through to the stem and root.
This would not work with some shapes of container.

7 Jul, 2014


When you take it out the box it is packed in there tightly and you are right Drc it does not retract to a tiny size. I have mine hooked over the tap at present as there was none of the hooks available to buy but it's not heavy and certainly not bulky. I'll be happy to measure it's retracted length and post a picture of it hooked over the tap to give you an idea if you like.
From memory the advert on TV has it coiled up inside a plant pot. I'll give it a try and see what size pot it fits into. I'll get back to you on that.

7 Jul, 2014


For me it was a disaster. On the first hose, the valve came apart the second use. Changed the valve the hose split and in the garbage it went. I liked the concept so I purchase a " new and improved model". The hose split on the second use. The concept is great but with the present materials it is made of it is an utter failure. Caveat emptor!

8 Jul, 2014


You can now see what I mean by "varied comments". Several people had had your problem, Loosestrife.

My Other Half is now in a quandary. It's a lot to spend on two stretch hoses that will not be up to the purpose.

Dianebulley. At my age I've given up hand-washing! Carrying water would kill us in a couple of days, so your suggestion, I'm afraid, ends up in Room 101.

Scottish: Is the hose still OK? :-)

We thought of getting ours from Robert Dyas.

8 Jul, 2014


Thanks Scottish I will be interested to see.

8 Jul, 2014


When I fist saw this questin I thought it was going to be about stockings...

8 Jul, 2014


Ha ha ha, you are quicker than me Steragram

9 Jul, 2014


Steragram and Drc726 ; The heading refers to "stock-in-the-garden"!! :O)

I am surprised so few of us have experience of this stretch hose.

Might risk getting the hose from Robert Dyas. If anything goes wrong it's a big enough firm to sort it out

9 Jul, 2014


Eirlys and everyone else - I've done a short blog with a couple of pictures, you might be interested in about my experience thus far with the hose.

Here's a link:

9 Jul, 2014


That's brilliant, Scottish! I really enjoyed reading that!

(A not so wee dram wouldn't have anything to do with the falls, would it? Here's a visual one as an apology for that comment!)

We are planning to get two 75 ft hoses. We need about 140ft to reach shrubs at the bottom of the garden in dry weather but for regular use (pots nearer the house) a 75 would be adequate.We'll link on for the furthest parts.

Have contacted Robert Dyas as though they offer free delivery with a code I couldn't find a section for the latter and with my order I think I'm entitled to one.

THanks for the blog.Really helpful!

10 Jul, 2014


What do you mean ' at your age Eirlys ? I am 86.
Do appreciate the washing machine, but do the smalls
in a small bowl, and save the water to outwit Anglia Water
and their bills. Smug laughter.

10 Jul, 2014


Lol Diane, more power to your elbow!
Stock-in-the garden Eirlys? Well I'll believe you, thousands wouldn't...

10 Jul, 2014


Diane: I married a centipede! All those socks........


Have taken the plunge and ordered the hoses. Last night with the heavy old one the connection came apart three times. My OH was watching football at the time so I gave up and used a watering can.

I nearly asked him to video me trying to re-connect without switching off the water. Kept thinking about that Harry Hill programme. £250? .....still thinking about it.

Phoned Robert Dyas as they had contacted me to offer me 10% off for subscribing to their website and newsletter. Free phone call and a nice discount so you're not the only smug one here, Diane!! :O)

10 Jul, 2014


If she'd been taking a wee dram then she'd be forgiven but she' been tee total for a years now. I just hope I don't end up like her ;)
I hope you enjoy your new hose and do please report back on how you find it. Well done on getting the discount. I don't think we have Robert Dyas up here.

10 Jul, 2014


I always check the voucher websites when I want to buy something. I only just missed a 15% discount with Robert Dyas. Firm is on line and will deliver for £4.99.

11 Jul, 2014


What voucher websites? what am I missing?

12 Jul, 2014


Whenever I want to buy anything on line I Google to ask if there is a CODE/VOUCHER for that firm. There are lots of websites that offer these and I shop around for the one that suits me. Even saving on the postal charge is a great help these days.

Here's one:

and another:

13 Jul, 2014


Don't throw the box it came in away, you will need it later on.

13 Jul, 2014


Both arrived today !

Watch this space!

14 Jul, 2014


Wow thanks Eirlys - will put the links in my reminder book.

14 Jul, 2014


We have been using the stretch hose constantly and, touch wood, it has behaved perfectly. I especially, like it, as I find it so much easier than dragging around the old hose. The latter had a connection that often decided to come apart and it was a nuisance having to switch off at the top, re-connect, switch the water back on again and often find oneself having to repeat the whole performance.

26 Sep, 2014


MY hubby bought one and it is to use with the pressure washer, he offered to buy another for me although I now have plenty I'm making sure he gets mine ready for next year, even though he's used his a fair bit it still goes back in the box between jobs, now that to me is a plus as the ones I have are so bulky to store...

26 Sep, 2014

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