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Transformed.....we hope!


By eirlys


In March I mentioned that we were thinking about getting some artificial grass. Well actually, I thought about it; my Other Half wasn’t at all keen. However I won the debate!!

For years we had a mobile caravan parked next to our garage. Last year we decided we were now too old and sold it. As a result we were left with a very ugly concreted area with our oil tank in full display.

Several options were possible. Stone slabs, better concreting etc but, to be honest, we felt we were too old to be involved in all that hard work. That was when I thought about artificial grass.

We went ahead with my idea and also bought some artificial hedging. As a result we another sunny area where we can sit and have coffee.

I know as “true gardeners” the idea of using something artificial in the garden might not appeal to you, but I hope some of you will like what we have ended up with!

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That's a lot better than it was, and a lovely area for you to sit out on. Much better. Sometimes artificial grass can be the right solution for your circumstances, especially as people get older and don't want to have a big upheaval of altering things any other way.

9 Apr, 2015


As a 'true gardener' I think this is brilliant. well done for sticking to your guns and I'm sure OH appreciates not having to cut the grass.

9 Apr, 2015


Well it certainly looks a lot better than it did before, and it even has an artificial duck to go with it - a lovely touch. I hope you have many happy hours sitting out there!

9 Apr, 2015


Oh Steragram, how could you! That's my duck and I have to fight to keep it there!

Thank you, All, for the positive comments. Have to say the area looks better in actuality than it does in a photograph. The camera picks up on the artificiality. In reality it looks more real.

Have now completed the dustbin area!

10 Apr, 2015


Hope it drains off well if you get heavy rain.

11 Apr, 2015


Well we had quite a downpour last night, Dianebulley, and all seems well. The birds' drinking bowl was full this morning and I noticed last night that it was empty. Sunny again today.

11 Apr, 2015


How could I what? I was admiring it....

12 Apr, 2015


Have been away, Steragram, so couldn't comment earlier. Glad you were admiring my duck. my Other half keeps moving it around and it's getting nearer to the "door" every time!!

4 May, 2015


Wow! What an improvement, I think it looks great & I especially love your duck. I have a pig in mine named Bertha, lol, she regularly wanders about.

24 Jul, 2015

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