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The Bird Table


By eirlys


This year the birds have made good use of our bird table. Not sure if this is because we bought seeds that did not have wheat included, or whether the birds have decided it’s a convenient take-away. Whatever, we have seen quite a lot of the bullfinch and his mate ; the chaffinches ; the coal tit, blue tit, good old sparrows, a woodpecker; blackbirds, thrushes, robins.

The blackbird chases the smaller birds away. The robin can stand up for itself but other birds are wary of both.

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Well done Eirlys, some great photos. Not that I've seen many bullfinches over the years but this one seems more colourful than I remember! It's a beauty !

20 Jun, 2016


That is an extremely upper class bird table! Not surprised you get classy birds. I haven't seen a bullfinch for a very long time.

20 Jun, 2016


You have a collection of exquisite birds in your location. Very interesting.

21 Jun, 2016


Paulspatch; I haven't Photoshopped the image. Honest! I'm not that keen on the camera as I think the image is a bit hazy.

Steragram: I bought the table on line two years ago as a Christmas gift for my Other Half. The previous ones suffered in the weather so when I saw this one had slate panels, that was it! I'm Welsh, and my old family home had Welsh slate as roof tiles. It's bearing up well and we always know when there's the slightest drop of rain before the drops hit the windows.
The stand was bought in 1957 and was the base of a corner fish tank. We still have the latter though it's not water-tight now. The base stood around for ages before we thought of using it with the bird table.
I have a video somewhere of an athletic rat climbing up the stand and eating the bird seed!

Bathgate: The Bullfinch and his missus have been constant visitors this year so suspect a nearby nest and/or the new bird seed.

21 Jun, 2016


Slate roof is a briliant idea, and looks so good too. You'd think the bird table and stand were bought together, they are just right!

21 Jun, 2016


Yes, for once the bird seed remains dry. We used to have a lot of wet wheat, very wasteful and expensive. Seed without wheat costs more but is all eaten and has attracted more birds this year

The stand sold (separately) with the bird house was wooden, very solid.

21 Jun, 2016


They look sharp enough to me Eirlys......particulalry the Robin!

21 Jun, 2016


Yes, thank you, Paul, that's not too bad. I think the bullfinch one may have been taken through the window.

My little Casio camera was brilliant until my Other Half sat on it! Casio don't seem to sell cameras now, well not in the UK.

21 Jun, 2016


wow wish these little birds would come into my garden.

22 Jun, 2016


I used to have an aviary in the garden with budgies, Java sparrows, Cordon Bleu Finches, and cockatiels. They were colourful but when I lost the lot in the heath fire I hadn't the heart to start again. In any case, even though it was quite a big aviary it's nice to see birds flying free.

22 Jun, 2016


There's a lovely walk in aviary, Eirlys, at the farm I do a bit of entertaining work at. Full of tropical birds.It's a very popular feature!

22 Jun, 2016


It does seem to make a difference what type of food you put out we put some fat blocks out from Wilkos and the birds love them.
But other blocks we have put out they haven't touched and we have had to throw them away.

24 Jun, 2016


Paul: I've visited Bird World (?) the one in the Cotswolds. Enjoyed that. is it still there?
Your walk-in aviary sounds lke fun!

Peter: We've noticed that. It's expensive catering to their likes!!

We have two bullfinches now so one must be an offspring otherwise they would squabble, I think.

It's funny watching quite big teenage blackbirds being fed and then slyly helping themselves when Mum's back is turned.

26 Jun, 2016


I'm not sure to be honest....I've not been to Bird World.there is another smallish place nearby the farm in South Woodham Ferrers in Kent called Tropical Wings.They have Butterflies and birds in a walk throu area although I've never actually been in.

26 Jun, 2016


Just checked on Google. Bird World is still at Bourton on the Water and looks bigger than when we visited.

I recall two Hyacinth Macaws there, magnificent birds and valued at around £2000, a lot of money in those days. When I read some years later that they had been stolen, I felt quite upset.

I see (Google) that a breeder now charges £15000 for each bird!!

I also see that there are quite a few places called Bird World!

27 Jun, 2016


Beautiful jay on the bird table this evening but flew away before we could photograph it.

27 Jun, 2016

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