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Another mouse!


By eirlys


Yesterday our rescue cat brought in two dead mice. Today we saw a live one making its way to behind the sideboard, and just managed to stop Sage from bringing in a live shrew.

So, we are back to square one with a mouse in the house. The last one was caught, (after a week), in an humane trap. That has been baited and placed in a suitable spot ready, hopefully, for the latest victim.

How on earth do we stop the cat from bringing in LIVE specimen? Our other cats never did so.

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.......and yet another dead mouse on the mat outside the back door!

26 Jun, 2016


I sympAthise with you! Unfortunately it is down to the individual cat. Some are more into hunting to others. If a cat brings in a 'present' it is seen as a gift from the cat to you. I gave up counting how many mice, birds and other wildlife our cats brought in. As the cats gets older I found it isn't as bothered but again some older cats keep on hunting. We sadly had to put our elderly cat to sleep last month and we've just got two litle kittens last week so we're about to start the whole cat and mouse game again... Sigh....

26 Jun, 2016


Be glad its just mice. You have no idea how many feathers you can get off a pigeon...

26 Jun, 2016


Oh dear....ha ha, Stera.(well, not funny, really, I suppose)
I've really no idea how u can stop cats bringing in mice Eirlys....must be frustrating!

27 Jun, 2016


........and a dead shrew this morning and a dead vole this afternoon! This is getting silly!

Steragram: I can imagine!

(Anyone here recall the days when one had to pluck the Christmas goose, or are you all too young?)

27 Jun, 2016


Had to pluck a chicken once when we were staying on a farm.and once was enough...

27 Jun, 2016


I used to watch the geese being plucked and the feathers went everywhere. We always had a complete wing to use for dusting the inaccessible places behind solid furniture, too heavy to move.

Amsterdam: Kittens are great fun to have around and I'm glad you have two as they need companionship. We looked after our daughter's two young cats for 16 years, on a temporary basis, according to her. Really missed them : that's why we got the rescue cat.

27 Jun, 2016


At NINE this morning found a lovely little vole in our humane trap. It had eaten the bait so wasn't hungry! Released it outside and watched it scurry off to tell everyone about its adventure.

At TEN, Sage, the cat, brought in a little mouse and placed it at my feet. It lay there, looking pitiful, while we went to get the dustpan and brush. When we returned, the mouse made a miraculous recovery and dashed to hide under the sideboard newly-freed of the vole! We hadn't even had time to put up the Vacancy notice!

4 Jul, 2016


Ha should turn this into a book or to programme Eirlys. It's much more interesting than most .

4 Jul, 2016


Paul: This mouse should have an Oscar for acting. It certainly played dead. It is now running around the sitting-room at odd intervals! The others were better-behaved : they kept to the sideboard.

4 Jul, 2016


....follow up.

Sage has caught the mouse! This time it really is dead!

6 Jul, 2016


ophelia my main coon[big,black and fat]is too ladylike to catch mice or anything that moves,suki my burmese kills everything and a great hunter of rats,I once caught her trying to drag a live seagull in the cat flap and she does not kill them, once threw the duvet back to find the biggest rat ever in my bed[luckily dead],she sits at my feet as if to say "look what i got for you,this is how much i love you",sage loves you lol

13 Jul, 2016


Love the way you just throw in the comment about the rat in your bed, all casual - I think I would have abandoned the bedroom!

13 Jul, 2016


Ladybug47: I do envy you your cat: always wanted one that breed. Horace our b/w cat was very big and people not acquainted with a M.C cat though he was one of that breed. He wasn't!

I do not envy you finding a rat in your bed.
( I read Steragram's comment first and wondered WHO the rat was, until I read your post. :O)
(Memo to self: read posts in the correct order!!)

We've had another live mouse since then. This one found a space under the freezer in the kitchen. Sage was very patient but got it in the end.

13 Jul, 2016

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