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Unexpected Visitor


By eirlys


Had an unexpected visitor this evening. A young deer made himself at home on our artificial lawn The latter puzzled it no end and it kept nosing it and then having a quiet think!

(I have written about this “lawn” in another post. It was laid to hide ugly concrete and has made a nice Spring/Summer feature. (

The “good” bench in the background has been covered up to protect it. The other bench shows what happens when we didn’t do this!

Other half took this image through the dining-room windows. The cyclamen is on the inside!

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Goodness me, not often you see one of those in your garden!! we have the same bench cover btw!

9 Jan, 2017


That's a least they don't tend to ruin gardens like other deer may!

10 Jan, 2017


I wonder what it thought about the 'lush green' grass. poor thing probably thought it was going to get a good meal.
we often see deer in the fields around us but so far they havn't been in the garden.

we have a bench that gets left out all winter. OH likes sanding and oiling it in the spring.

10 Jan, 2017


Excellent photography.

10 Jan, 2017


What a treat! Wish I'd seen it puzzling over the grass - thank you for the smile!

10 Jan, 2017


DottyD : It's a good choice of cover and don't we have good taste! :O)

Paul: Muntjac? We thought it was just one of the New Forest deer that are on the heath. Don't really know anything about the different kinds.
It came back today and made for the pond area. When I appeared it leapt the hedge back on to the heath.

Seaburng: OH used to do that. Takes time.

Diane: I'll tell my OH. He took the image through the dining-room window in quite a rush.

Steragram: We'll keep on smiling as long as it doesn't start on the flower buds!

10 Jan, 2017


Oh, maybe....I'm no expert but it certainly looks like the Muntjacs that I used to see n the fields around my sister in law's place in North Essex.
I believe they cull the muntjacs in the new forest as they threaten the roe deer population.

10 Jan, 2017


Mentioned this possibility to Younger Son, Paul, and he said the muntjac is smaller than "our" deer. Whatever kind, it's pretty!!

10 Jan, 2017


I think it is a roe deer, going by the size of it. Muntjacs are shorter/smaller and they have obvious 'fangs' protruding teeth/tusks.

10 Jan, 2017


Do you know how it got it likely to be a frequent visitor, which could be a problem, as pretty as it is!!

11 Jan, 2017


Yes, muntjacs are quite compact and very powerful legs.

11 Jan, 2017


Comes in from next door (open gate). When a large fir tree was removed a gap was left in the adjoining hedge which is slowly being filled in. Probably won't be now deer has found it.

11 Jan, 2017

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