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Cider with Rosie...& er Fluff...


By fluff


After our walk up (& up!) Hambledon Hill we desperately needed some sort of apple – based sustenance…as you do…so we stopped at the local hostelry in the village at the foot of the hill called Child Okeford.
It’s a lovely little village…I don’t know anyone who lives there but you can see there’s a close community spirit with a shop, post office, school, village hall, church & 2 pubs.

The pub we visited is the Bakers Arms ( the other being the Saxon)…& as I am always on the look out for flowers & plants to share with Goyers I took my camera with me out to the beer garden.

The sun was out….so were the wasps…but the little garden was really welcoming…there were some lovely trees…some kind of fir with pretty little silver/grey cones…a fruit-laden crab apple tree & an exotic palm which should look a bit incongruous in a pub garden but fitted in perfectly!

Behind us was a beautifully coloured tree which I’ve seen in gardens but don’t know the name of…it’s got jagged-edge leaves in all autumnal hues considering it’s the middle of summer…red, orange, yellow & long, thin stems of spiky somethings if I remember rightly! Difficult to describe really but see what you think from the pics…

While waiting for our scampi & chips…in a basket no less!! …very 70s!…I had a good look at the huge carp in this lovely pond…tho’ I don’t think I’ve shared them with you guys very well! Sorry!

Then I found these gorgeous hollyhocks bowing in the breeze…& a really pretty pale orangey/yellow maumbretia that reminded me of the ones my Mum grew in my childhood garden all those years ago!!

and finally…a pale pink, pretty thing that I would call a hydrangea if I thought you could get them in this colour!

So…here endeth that day’s shannanigans…I kept this part until today to show you in case you were as exhausted as I was by the effort of climbing the hill…but that little beer garden held some real treats. :0)

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Thanks for sharing your day Fluff I could just taste that lovely cider :o)) As for water photography it is a hard one to do that without filters to take the reflection off the surface of the water, I loved your shots though. Scampi&chips in a basket not had that for some years it brings back nice memories. I must tell you about the soup in a basket one day :o)))

17 Aug, 2009


Picture postcard scene,all your photographs are lovely and apart from the wasps,it was obviously a lovely outing ,thanks for sharing......

17 Aug, 2009


Hey hey yes I've heard that seems to disappear very quickly Bob!

Thank you both for your comments...I enjoyed doing it.

17 Aug, 2009


Thanks for a lovely day out, enjoyed your photos.

17 Aug, 2009


Enjoyed your lovely pics Fluff.that bush or plant (orange colour) was just beautiful would love to no the name of it,thanks for sharing your lovely day with us.(cant beat scampi&chips in basket)yum.....:~))))

17 Aug, 2009


Lovely day .Thanks!
I think that IS a hydrangea!
Not sure about the orangey jaggy leaved thing tho!

17 Aug, 2009


It's called a polarising filter Fluff, it fits over the front of the lens on a mount and as you turn it so it takes away the 'mirror' effect of water or glass like magic and you can see under the water or behind the glass.
P.M. sent about the soup in s basket.

17 Aug, 2009


Funny name for a plant, Bob! Lol!

17 Aug, 2009


I do aswell !
You had a lovely time :o) I could just eat some scampi and chips now. lol - but it's 6.20 a.m. at the moment.

I believe the unknown shrub is a Mahonia. It flowers in the winter. I've never seen one that colour.

18 Aug, 2009


Yes, I agree with Hywel.. Definitely a Mahonia. Some do get coloured leaves later in the summer, and those sprays on the top are last winter's flowers!

Pretty Hydrangea! Yes, that beer garden was a nice place to have your the sun...:-)

18 Aug, 2009


Mines a bitter please and I'll take the chips in a bucket ta!
nice trip out Fluff!

18 Aug, 2009


Thank you everyone...I wish you could all have come with me!!

Of course...a mahonia...Hywel & Spritz...I can see the leaf shape now. It was bigger than me tho'!!

The hydangea was such a pretty pink...I thought you could only get them in a darker pink & blue.

As for the pond Bob...I think I scared the fish away when I loomed over with the camera! Loved the pm...I think I've heard of them before...sounds a yummy idea!

18 Aug, 2009

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