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The simple things...


By fluff


I just wanted to write that today I’ve found the simple things in life are the best ever.
We are having pork chops with little new potatoes cooked with mint from the garden, runner beans picked from my brother’s row & a nice bottle of wine to wash it down.
My first gladioli are out, the first tomatoes are ripening, there’s a pair of gentle collared doves pecking at the lawn & the cats are doing figures of eight around my legs for their supper.

My husband had a phonecall to say he’d got the job he went for last week after 6 months of searching…& I took the message so was able to give him the good news while he was in the middle of a forest on a mountain bike ride…you could hear the whoops of joy echoing round the trees!!

My elderly mother for once did not say ‘I didn’t think you were coming’ but thanked me for cooking her meal & even noticed the flowers I’d arranged for her.

Oh…& the sun shone ALL day…just wonderful.

Have a nice evening everyone.xx

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Congrats. to husband on the new job !
..... and glad to hear your mother enjoyed her meal and the flowers...
Happy, sunny day... :o)

14 Aug, 2009


Oh thats a lovely blog fluff, congrats to your husband and how nice your mother noticed the flowers and had a kind word for you. You have a nice evening too!!!

14 Aug, 2009


How lovely :o) :o)

Make the most of mum even if she moans sometimes. She's precious :o)
Enjoy your garden and meal.
Oh and congrats to husband.

14 Aug, 2009


What a lovely day you've had....smashing about hubby's job, mum happy, weather good....what more could you ask for.:))

14 Aug, 2009


What a nice day you had.

14 Aug, 2009


Thank you Terra, Amblealice & Sewingkilla...he's made up!

And I know Hywel...I really know what you are saying bless you...she is precious to me & I do laugh at her grumps sometimes, knowing that she does appreciate
what I do for her.xx

14 Aug, 2009


Yes was a good day.

14 Aug, 2009


It couldn,t be any better could it Fluff , what a wonderful day , I,m thrilled for your hubby as well ... sleep tight x

14 Aug, 2009


Good to hear youve had a good day Fluff and very good to hear your hubs got his job , theres not many about these days , excellent blog, so nice to hear a happy friend smiling through!

15 Aug, 2009


Thanks Amy & is an immense relief I must say!
Thank you everyone for all the lovely things you say.xx

15 Aug, 2009


What a lovely day, I'm so happy for you.:-))

16 Aug, 2009


Thank you Silverbelle...x

16 Aug, 2009


How lovely to hear your good news! Wish your hubby luck in his new job for me!
Isn't it great when a day turns out "just right"

17 Aug, 2009


Cheers Marie...he went for an induction day today & found out it will involve nights away but a job's a job eh?

18 Aug, 2009


Yes, especially these days!
I hope he'll be happy in it.

18 Aug, 2009

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