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I have mentioned in previous blogs that we have a dog. Dogs need walking or at least, some excercise.

I elect for the former, a good walk or where possible; a good run. My dog is a whippet and knows about running… Where I can keep him in sight I often let off the leash and get him to run.

There is, in the Forest of Dean, much talk about killing of animals. Wild boar in the main. Though badgers ought to look out too.

With wild boar out and about among us, it behoves upon us to take measure to keep our dogs under control. There have been incidents with people and dogs and boar…

My take on it is that if ‘I’ don’t bother them they they won’t bother me. And it seems to work, I have no problem with them. They can upturn the earth wherever they like; And they do. :)

Some people get upset by that simple action. Boar, left alone, will snuffle through the grassy, ferny banks of the roadside and anywhere that seems suitable – gardens included if the owner leaves a gate open or a fence unrepaired…

Here is a walkabout

I am happy when I return home from a walk, with doggie, when the garden rewards me with a pot-full of these… Forget the name – splish splash or criss cross or something double-barrelled anyway. :)

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Lovely walk through the woods, are the trees budding there, I love to watch them each year clothed in spring greens
your boar looks contented?........

19 Mar, 2014


Beautiful woods to wander through, magical and mystical with a deer gently grazing - superb!
Nice to know there are still places that wild boar can live a life of sheer contentment - if the look on his face is anything to go by.
I would be irritating to have the garden 'ploughed' for you by wild boar, but I suppose if you know they are about you have to take care. Not much I can do about the rabbits, they don't pay much attention to a closed gate.
Talking to one of the gardeners at a local crematorium, where the gardens are kept beautifully, he told me that they had put netting 'rabbit-proof' fencing around the area, only to see one run up the sloping support post to leap the fence!

19 Mar, 2014


Trees are not quite there yet Pamg. Won't be long though..

The boar does look contented. Sad to say I think the locals - I took the pic when out with the dog, at the back of some gardens. - The day before I saw him out in the forest and when he saw me he came running; Not something they would naturally do. Unless, of course he was being fed and associated people and food. During the last round of culling in the forest the boar in question suddenly vanished. It is an ongoing, long drawn-out topic hereabouts. - How to 'manage' the boar. Sadly, no money is ever available to produce an answer. Politics and forestry management have got themselves in a knot over it.
Defra, the Forestry Commission, local Councils et al. All pointing the finger at each other....
I'll stop there. lol. This is not really a gardening thing.

Honeysuckle: I love the rabbit tale. Made me chuckle. Reminded me of when I worked in a hospital and a squirrel got into the canteen... Mayhem and madness followed. :) The squirrel escaped, unharmed.

19 Mar, 2014


In the pics above there is one of some Cyclamen growing through the leaf litter. I think it arrived there because its location is, shall we say, often used by people who think it ok to dump rubbish in odd locations. I know I have a word for such people. You may have your own....
Just out of shot there is a rather nice clump of daffodils that once graced somebody's house.

20 Mar, 2014


Great blog F'cat, lovely walk for you and the dog, I take a ride around the countryside 3days a week and its grand to see the buds forming getting ready to burst open, along the route we drive theres hundreds of daffodils which admittedly look lovely but some are miles away from the villages so I guess they were someones garden waste in the past......Can't think the council would have forked out the money to plant them in the middle of nowhere..

20 Mar, 2014


I suppose it is a sort of urban-gardening lincs. :)

21 Mar, 2014

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