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Midsummer musing


Geranium nodosum
Can be a bit invasive because it has the adaptability to grow anywhere it darn well pleases..
Lovely fresh-looking, glossy leaves with a silky-blue sheen on the flowers. Easily removed if it gets where you don’t want it.


Mrs. Blackird in the bath.


Iris sibirica ‘Silver Edge’
Clumped up nicely they have, be able to divide them next year. Love Iris. I shall get more.


Rosa ‘For Your Eyes Only’
I saw; I had to have… This lovely rose is (apparentley) rose of the year 2015 (Chosen a year ago in 2014) I came at it innocent of all knowledge; I am delighted with it as my latest purchase.


Dactylorhiza fuchsii (common spotted orchid)
A benefit of dog-walking is wandering along and coming across these little-uns. This is either a good year for them or, I am getting my eye in; I have spotted half-a-dozen this last week. Lovely to see.


Iris sibirica ‘Butter and Sugar’
A few errant nigella surround the first-year plants.


Rosa canina
Dog-walking again and have noticed another plant that seems to be in profusion this year.


Rosa ‘For Your Eyes Only’ (Again)


Campanula ?
No idea what it is and I don’t care. It occupies the low wall out back and looks magnificent. The lone buttercup tries to compete.


Erigeron karvinskianus ‘Profusion’ (Fleabane)
I am letting this go wherever it wants to go… Also in there is a Sedum , holding its own against the two invaders. :)


Corydalis elata
Another recent purchase. I love all corydalis and I think that elata has the bluest blue. But that’s just me. I would welcome into the garden C. lutea, I have yet to spot it growing round these parts. Lovely they are.


Dierama …? I do have the name …somewhere.
I am going to explore more of these. They can bulk up into wonderful clumps.

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you have some wonderful plants their Fractal_cat.

If you'd like some C lutea and /or C chelianthifolia 'Manchu' send me a pm and I will happily oblige. Do you have the blue variety china blue? I have some small ones of that too.

Love the colour of the dierema, just have the dwarf pale pink New world hybrid. I can collect seed from mine if you want

3 Jul, 2015


Your plants are wonderful and that view is wonderful too :)

3 Jul, 2015


Lovely plants, I saw rose 'For Your Eyes Only ' at a local garden centre just the other day,stunning,and if I had space it'd be in my garden too :-)
Love your iris 'Silver Edge' the white behind really sets it off :-)

3 Jul, 2015


I love the Silver Edge too, its really lovely. In Stafford the yellow corydalis grew like a weed even in cracks in front garden steps - it seemed to prefer very light soil.SBG what soil you you have it growing in?

3 Jul, 2015


Lovely plants Fractual and Mrs Blackbird is really sprucing herself up, I do like to see blue in a garden and like you I allow many plants free reign so get lots of mingles, I have campanula scrambing over the white hebes in the raised bed at the bottom of my garden, it only gets the sun for a couple of hours in the morning and they are loving it, like you I let them do their own thing and they intermingle to their hearts content, I just give them a clip with the shears when they go straggly....

4 Jul, 2015


Stera my soil is very varied, heavy chalk marl to a lighter soil. but the bed rock is about 2 ft down.

5 Jul, 2015


Seaburngirl - I haven't tried China Blue; But I will... My skill with growing anything from seed is - Zero. Tried many times and failed. I saw those hybrid dierama on TV, they are lovely looking.
Thank you - Hywel
Simbad & Steragram - It is lovely. They bulk-up quickly and look so lovely.
Corydalis lutea used to grow just about everywhere back in Wycombe. But that was on very chalky soil which it seems to prefer. I never had any luck with any of the blue ones; And I did try three or four. But here in Glouc I have rhodos and Azalea sitting happily... I sense that a blue corydalis will make its way into the garden soon.. :)
Lincslass - I rather like stone-walls and was delighted on moving here that I had one, albeit a very low one. Trouble is, I don't get to see it at all! The Campanula smothers it.. lol
Yep, a quick clip with the trusty shears...

6 Jul, 2015


Try the Lutea in the lightest bit SBG.

7 Jul, 2015


The Dierema is a stunning colour and the Erigeron combination is very effective and just goes to prove that there really aren't any colour clashes in nature.
It all looks lovely and the Campanulas are such happy little plants when they find the right spot!

8 Jul, 2015

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