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When the wind blows ...


I hadn’t realised, when I first moved in, how windy it could get. I picked up small pots from all corners of the garden several times, but I didn’t have anything big to worry about.

Apart from fishing pots out of my pond …

(I didn’t realise till after I’d taken this picture and removed the pot that one of my small garden statues was underneath it!)

I was getting fed up with picking up the bird feeder – no matter how hard I jammed it into the ground, it went over. Eventually I used a small parasol base, filled with water; even that didn’t provide enough ballast.

And my “cave” went walkabout – it stood in place for a couple of days, but then the wind got too much for it.

I replaced it, and it went again – I’m rather proud to note that my knots held, it was the wooden pole that broke.

Then I decided to recycle my walk-in greenhouse: since the zip had bust and it was no good for its intended purpose, but I thought it might do as a very small outdoor sitting space.

It worked ok in the first location, but it was a bit in the way, so I moved it to the bottom corner – I was a bit wary, as the broken door faced the usual wind direction, but I thought it’d blow it further back.

How wrong I was …

It seemed to have a magnetic attraction to one part of the gardenj, and one part only – no matter where I put it, it ended up here three times – I could hear it literally bowling along to the end of the garden, and then bowling back. I can’t understand how the wind can blow from two directions at once, unless it was bouncing back off the fence.

Even after “secured” it in place with the guys provided it didn’t want to stay put – two of the pegs just pulled right out. I couldn’t reach the back very well but I tied one guy to the concrete pillar at the back corner. The nylon string ripped right through the nylon loop that was supposed to hold it.

(My cave seemed eager to get in on the act as well …)

So it had to go back into its old position, as the one place where it’d damn well stay put, even though I don’t need it there.

Sigh, and that far corner is the ideal place for a little patio or mini-summerhouse – if I can build it in reinforced concrete!

I didn’t realise till later that Rose 1 had been half-uprooted by the pummelling – I’ve had to move it into a tub for its own protection.

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Poor Fran ! Poor us all !

5 May, 2015


How annoying Fran.....and your poor Rose bush.

5 May, 2015


The wind comes down from the gate and side path 90% of the time. I did think of putting a gate up, not to block it completely - for all i know,it would get deflecd to cause even more probs - just to break it up a bit, decrease the impact.

I'd also thought about getting the side path covered, wall to fence, to make an enclosed dry space, but the front edge would have to be below the level of the gate, or the wind would get under it and just lift the whole thing off!

5 May, 2015


Ohhho Fran , what a tale of woe !
You'll have to grow a row of quick-growing shrubs or something to buffer the "breeze" some .

5 May, 2015


I did think of growing a tall grass screen along and behind the pond, to give some protection. or making a bamboo screen - lol got enough canes for a fence all the way round, I think! but also need something on the side path to break up the main blast, yet it has to be moveable cos that's the only way in that doesn't go through the house. no doubt something will work eventually. lol with any luck won't have to worry about it for another six months

5 May, 2015


Wind goes its own way - no respecter of our plans at all.
I found six pots on the lawn this afternoon - serves me right for being too lazy to take them down to the shed.
I hope your little rose recovers. Those bamboo canes can't stand up to it - when I grow runner beans on a teepee formation they still finsh up tipped over to one side eventually, even when I put support canes to prop them up.

5 May, 2015


It certainly has been a frisky couple of days. The dustbin is weighed down inside with a brick. Pots blow over. My poor bonzais blow over if I don't take care. The leader on one of the pear trees was whipping over in the wind, I could only reach so far to secure it. A huge surge of powerful wind and rain hammered through at about 5am. The one good thing about building on the recreation ground at the back, as soon as the 25 year covenant passed, is that the garden winds do not swirl now about as much as it seems in your garden. Oh and there are about 20 trolleys on the green patch now!

6 May, 2015


Proper hooley outside at the moment .....cherry blossoms swirling like snow and posted themselves through the bathroom window!

we're lucky this time as its southwesterlys we're more protected that dustbins are tied together, they may blow over but won't easily go walkabouts

hope no one has too much damage, sorry to see yours Fran, hope its repairable when the weather calms down......

6 May, 2015


Horribly windy here over the last couple of days too. It even managed to unwind my climbers from around the archway! Seems a little calmer here this evening so I hope it is for you too :)

6 May, 2015


Lovely day today. The barometer has shifted upwards for the first time in 3 or 4 days. It tapped upwards quite a bit just now. Bit old fashioned perhaps but as long as it stayed low the wind had its fun. Just had the grass cut and tidied some of the debris from the trees.

7 May, 2015


@ Stera – doesn’t it just! And I keep thinking, if I block it from A, it’ll find another way round which might be even less pleasant. It’s got to go somewhere, after all.
Get even more wind in the front garden as there’s less to break it up – the hedge at the front helps, but the sides are open. I lost a solar Chinese lantern during one big blow, but “won” an empty plastic hanging basket, complete with hanging books. Lol one time I won a couple of recycle boxes and a wheelie bin – it had the house number on from halfway down the street, so I put it by the pavement and later it was gone, so I presume the owners saw it and reclaimed it.
The rose has started putting out leaves, so I think it’s recovered from the repeated bashing. It put out lots of flowers last year, but it was crowded and in a place where it couldn’t get he admiration it deserved.
I was thinking of snake-lashing bamboo canes closely together to form an apparently solid fence, but with enough gaps for the wind to get through in diminished form. Prob is it takes at least two people to do that lashing, Other prob is that bamboo is almost impossible to tie together; with my “cave”, no matter if I pulled so hard it left dents in my fingers, the loops just pulled off the end of the canes because there was nothing to hold it in place.
Or I’ve still got that brushwood “screen”; doubled, it might do as a wind-diffuser – provided that I can get the support poles in firmly enough.
I had thought of a windbreak, but that’d be solid, not allowing the wind to diffuse; it would present a solid surface to the wind, which would probably have it over in no time at all.

@ Dorjac – I think we’re still getting April’s weather, or even March’s – still hasn’t got round to “going out like a lamb”!
I’ve got my smaller pots huddled together in front of the pond, with bigger ones at each corner to act as windbreak, or deflector, at least. Touch wood, they seem to be ok, but it’s a case of needs must, that’s not where I want them to be, it’s where they have to be if I don’t want to keep picking them up.
I’d think bonsais would be especially susceptible, as the lessened root run would give them less holding power. Can you make some kind of shield for them? To break up the wind, if not deflect it completely?
Wow, getting whipped by an errant branch, or branchlet – talk about Whomping Willow!
It’s been raining on and off for the past few days, more on than off, sigh. April showers are living up to tradition, at least. And still I don’t get a single cheep out of my wind-chimes, inside (in front of an open window) or outside. Next door’s bamboo one keeps clattering, but not a peep out of my two metal ones.
It’s a pain when the wind gets deflected by buildings or trees so that it comes from unpredictable directions. (We used to sail in the docks, which was fine until they started developing Docklands, then the winds became so fluky that it was pure luck if we got moving or not). At least when you know where the wind’s going to come from you can take measures.
20 trolleys! Wow, you could make a whole mobile garden!!

@ Pam – apple and cherry blossoms look lovely on the trees, but they do create blizzards when they come off. Never heard of them getting through a window before!
I’ve found sheltered spaces for my wheelie bins, placed so that they can only roll backwards, and as they’re against the fence already – prob is to remember to pull them out on collecting day. My friend Ron comes over now and then so I’m having to get used to not leaving them handy for me and the collectors, cos they’re in the way of him parking.
Lol if anything gets damaged it’s a sign that I need to build stronger, cos it’s going to blow harder in winter

@ Gee – that takes some doing, unwinding climbers that have anchored themselves! Wind’s dropped for now, she said with her fingers crossed

7 May, 2015

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