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Tyre planters


I have recently came across tyre planters so wanted to make my own

These are the tyres I got on freecycle still with wheel rims in.

I marked out my pattern ready to cut out.

Then cut out with a stanley knife. Was not too hard to do, good half an hour to do.

Then came the hard part, to turn inside out, took a while as could not do this myself. Had to get lots of strong men to help, which took a lot of effort from them to do anything, but finally made a tyre planter and here’s how it looks now.

Really came out good.

Looks like a large planter now just brilliant to fill lots of compost and flowers to go in yet.

Anybody thought about tyre planting or actually doing it?

I have now planted up with dirt at the train station

Well here’s how far we have got with the tyre planters at Sholing.
•Took the tyres to the station
•Made the ground ready for the planters to sit on
•put in place (Few people wondering, by the looks on their faces, what we were doing) they did not talk to us though
•Then tricky part – filling with soil – quite a big thing to do, as station has a slope to the entrance to the platforms.
•So the free topsoil that I nicely dug up out of a ladys garden into bags was in the car but had to get to the platform
•With a small half size skate board and 2 x plant pot wheelers ready to help us we put the bags of soil on them and pulled them down the slope (or got pulled down the slope ourselves as some of the heavier bags do go down faster that the smaller ones).
•Only managed 3 bags at a time but that was enough when they want to go different ways.
•Soil put into planters, heavy lifting up to planters but did it. Breaking up the soil making it level with a trowel as we filled the planters.
•One done ,Two done…………….and then another day later and lots of back pain three done this day……………….Five done all together.
•Took for some pictures so here they are

The tyre with the wheel rim still on, makes a nice stand.

The first tyre we manage to turn inside out.

Three tyre planters all together to make flower planters.

After all that there was planting to do so with a lot of plants I have raised from cuttings or seeds we planted them and some brought plants.

So planting done took a bit of time to do and now look like this.

They may not look like much but the plants will grow bigger

Lots of foxgloves and a few teasel and few grasses.

The tyre nearest is still the same way around just a bit of the top cut off as nice and black looking.

Bit closer photos.

What do you think? what plants would you plant in them?

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BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM


You should patent your achievements

26 Nov, 2012


Thats brilliant, my dad did one many years ago and I know he had a very hard time turning it, it was still in the garden when we sold the house, still planted up with ivy, he even used to paint his.......

27 Nov, 2012


What a great idea ! I threw a few tyres away when I moved house. I wish I'd kept them now :o)

27 Nov, 2012


Brilliant! AND they come with drainage holes!

27 Nov, 2012


Wow, that's amazing. Great job. It really does look like a big stone urn.

27 Nov, 2012


A neighbour of mine had one too,and as you say,they can be hard to turn ...I agree,they look great...anyone noticed a lot of companies no longer supply a spare in the boot,anymore? only a repair kit !

27 Nov, 2012


Well done.. Looks great !

27 Nov, 2012


We got loads of tyres to the community garden and they are now all planted up and looking great.

I have just got a new washing machine and hubby took the old drum out so I can plant in it.

Still to plant up.

Well done Garden Girl.

27 Nov, 2012


I recall doing this in the 70s , you can make swan planters too from them they look great too. You have done a grand job.

28 Nov, 2012


I saw some one make a swan planter on you tube. I did think the tyre planters may have been around for a long time- not a new invention - but it is for me.

I have enjoyed some of the making.

28 Nov, 2012


That's incredible!!! It's really beautiful too, never seen tyres cut like that before. How many blokes did it take to turn one inside out?

28 Nov, 2012


It was 4 blokes, I did try and do it myself but far too hard not strong enough needed extra help.

28 Nov, 2012


4 blokes, blimey. I can imagine though how hard a thing it is to do..

28 Nov, 2012


4 men Lol I use to turn them my self all off 5ft 9 and half stone of me but there is a nack to it.

28 Nov, 2012


Was that tyres with the wheel rim still in? I have turned a tyre without the rim but found it impossible on my own to turn one with the rim still in - this forms the base to the planter. What is the knack that you use?

28 Nov, 2012


Yes with the wheel trim still in Gardengirl, as the rim holds the earth for planting. I use to stand inside the rim to do it, it also helps if you chose a hot sunny day it softens the tire.

29 Nov, 2012


Sounds hugely hard work!! But so worth the effort!

29 Nov, 2012


Any advise on how to turn (have a go at) the other tyre thats left with just me and my mum to do on our own not fair. The blokes that helped cant help, want it done soon so can fill with dirt/ compost and a few plants.

29 Nov, 2012


I have added a few more bits to my blog take a look

11 Dec, 2012

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