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Fri 29/01


By gina1


Well I went and spoke with my neighbor on my left side and found her to be very helpfull. I asked if I could have access through her garden as I would need materials delivered etc etc and she said it was ok with her. Not only that but I found that I do have access that lies between her gate and the other house, the middle gate between the two semi’s belongs to my property which kind of leads onto my back gate to the garden. But 2 other neighbors houses have taken it upon themselves to place green wheelie bins which they have chained to the posts in the path way lol so I will have to ask them to remove them.

Now that I have 2 options for access Nico has said he will take the dividing fence down once we have transport sorted to take away the old fencing. I’m hoping to keep some of the posts to be re-used also hoping to start taking the slabs up this weekend or maybe even today and placing them down at the far end of the garden, Nico says it be better to start on the weeds and clearing that 1st then take the slabs off.

He seems to look interested in my project lol not only that but last night he dreamt of digging and working on the garden I think he banged his head during the evening LOL :-) silly spaniard….. fingers crossed I hope he keeps his enthusiasm……..might make him a keen gardener yet there’s still hope for him.

TTFN will you all posted

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Hi Gina...

Sounds like your plans are going well !
Please tell Nico I am very impressed that he is getting involved with the garden work.. Well done Nico. :o)

29 Jan, 2010


Thank you as you well know some people like or dislike to do things in life but on saying that Nico does things that he likes to do and if he doesn't then he won't. He is very fussy about having nice things in life ie the home etc yet he has surprised me in taking an interest in my project not only by taking down the fence but also looking at various sites for ideas and feeding them back to me... He likes oriental as well as tradional gardens and he has said that whatever I decide on the plans for this he will try and help out as much as he is able to.. bless him... his forte lies with his own work on saying that he does make a mean meal anything hmmmmmmmmmmm lol

29 Jan, 2010


Lol. Nico sounds like a treasure :o)

29 Jan, 2010


glad you have found another access to your garden.... Nico must have the garden on his mind to be dreaming about it...... looking forward to seeing your garden progress....

29 Jan, 2010


gina1, you and Nico seem to be getting a lot sorted out. I'm glad you seem to have at least one nice neighbour, maybe the wheelie bin ones may turn out ok too .... I do hope so. Its quite important to get on reasonably well with neighbours I think.
It does sound as though you have lots to do, and you seem really keen to be getting on with it. I wonder if Nico will dream up any ideas for the garden, and if he does, I hope you approve of them!

29 Jan, 2010


Thats one positive result with your neighbour,Gina..most people are reasonable when approached in a nice way.Tactful,with a smile is the only way to go,at first.Hope you get the same result with your others,about the wheelie bins.Is it a windy area?maybe they are chained to stop them blowing over...or maybe not! If you post a pic of you with a chain round your neck,we will know its not a good result.HeHe.Sorry,Gina,don't want to put you off asking,but I just had this silly image in my mind...cruel of me .I await the next instalment with anticipation,hope its a positive one.....Sandra.

29 Jan, 2010


Good luck with the tact and diplomacy approach, Gina! :-)))

29 Jan, 2010


good luck with what your doing.

29 Jan, 2010


I agree with Bloomer softly softly with neighbours, its never worth falling out what ever your rights? Most will be happy to help if asked nicely by a new neighbour.

29 Jan, 2010


So far so good,lets hope you get as good a response with the wheelie bins...

29 Jan, 2010

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