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must be beginners luck


My courgettes are growing at an enormous rate I have had to transplant them into larger pots in just over a week the leaves are like large butterfly wings. What I am going to do is make a large deep planter so when the weather decides to get a bit warmer and sunny they can be transplanted there. I would like some advice on growing courgettes so if anyone can help I would be grateful. Now back to the 50ltr compost, I tried sleeping on it but I found the hard wooden bits kept jabbing me in places I’d rather not mention but when the wife has secured a ball and chain round the ankles it makes it difficult to get comfy! oh dear!! she heard that, it looks like bread and water for another month.

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I like your humour, Greenfingers....enjoy your bread and water and slink out to your pot garden and fetch yourself some veg & fruit on the sly to keep body and soul together! lol

28 Jun, 2011


Remember the film the day of the trifids!! then this is the only way to describe these courgettes. I am loving every bit of gardening and as a novice I'm learning every day.

Thanks for your comment


29 Jun, 2011

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