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Autumn is here


By janne


Having been away for a week on holiday I’ve returned to find kilos of ripe tomatoes waiting for me and all of my pears laying on the ground rotting! The quince tree has developed ‘back problems’ as the weight of the fruit is bending all the branches and the windy weather today just isn’t helping.

The flower garden is beginning to look a little tired with many of the flowers past their best. It’s great to have a scout around and find a few ‘treasures’ have self seeded and popped up where least expected. Even if I don’t want them in that particular place I have to admire their tenacity in growing in a difficult season.

The acers are all starting to show a hint of autumn colour and I always look forward to their vibrant display. Their are also three Euonymus Alatus and they are turning a more glorious crimson colour day by day, the autumn colours seem to defy the cooler weather with their range of fiery tints in orange, yellow, magenta and reds. So bold and defiant despite the coming of winter with its bleak beauty.

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It's becoming autumnal early this year I think, but I like it. There is still colour about - some still here from the summer, and some changes aswell.

14 Sep, 2010


Interested to note your garden is looking a little tired , currently mine seems to have sprung back into life, there is so much colour in the flower garden particularly from the roses which seem to be blooming even better than they did earlier in the season.

As you rightly say, there are definitely signs of Autumn and the trees are begining to change. I'm inclined to agree with Hywel Autumn seems to be early this year.

20 Sep, 2010

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