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By jeanh


Isn’t it strange. Being new to this gardening lark, I have found it interesting how, in my case anyway, that enthusiam comes and goes. My little garden has been in existence for a couple of years, but really got going last May when I had some fencing put up. I have a smaill part at the back of the block of flats where I live, which I have made private by fencing, which has much improved the appearance.
Although not up to the scale of some gardens I have seen on GOY I am very pleased with it.
At the end of October, when everything was dying back, and it all looked untidy with dead leaves and growth, I really couldn’t bear looking at it, and never thought I would get the enthusiasm back, but as soon as I was able to get out and get rid of all the dead stuff, and tidy up, and I could see young shoots start to appear, my enthusiasm came back with avengence.
I went out today to replace the geraniums which had died during the foul winter weather, and also bought a Hebe which I hope will look pretty and encourage some butterflies. Fed and watered everything, and sat and enjoyed a little spring sunshine, with a glas of wine, and watched the birds feeding.

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Many of us have times when we are more enthusiastic about gardening, and then times when other tasks take over, or the weather dampens our enthusiasm. You have a lovely garden and I'm glad to know it is shaping up again. :o)

17 Apr, 2010


Hi jeanh
That's how we all get started and gradually add more flowers, do a bit more watering, watch a few more birds and drink a lot more wine.
Best wishes

17 Apr, 2010


I agree about enthusiasm coming and going, being in a community like 'this' though keeps your enthusiam up !
Looking at almost bare beds and borders through the winter 'does' get you down a bit, so planting some evergreens in them helps a bit - and winter flowering pansies :-)))

18 Apr, 2010


Hi Jean - there will always be larger and smaller gardens. Our first garden was tiny - but it did have a pretty clematis in it which inspired me. I think the trick is to buy stalwarts that will not die on you and that you like. Dont worry - I'm sure the bug will grip!

18 Apr, 2010


Thanks for the comments, specially Linda'a! It's good to know that other GOYers have the same waves of enthusiasm.
Last year I had a lot of bedding plants, but plan this year to plant more perennials and shrubs.
2 of my climbers died last year, so plan to replace them.
Well, sun's out again, so here we go again

18 Apr, 2010


I've only got pots to look after but still sometimes I cannot raise any enthusiasm! Once I get going I'm OK, and being on GoY is inspiration too!

18 Apr, 2010


So glad you regained your enthusiasm for your outdoor space, Jean. Take plenty of pics to look at in winter to remind you of what yo have to look forward to next Spring. :-))

18 Apr, 2010

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