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Using egg shells in the garden


Last year Laura had seen on Facebook about using ground egg shells in the garden so she she started saving all her egg shells. She saves them up till she has a bowl full then sits with a pestle and mortar and grounds them up. As they eat a mainly veggie diet they use a fair few.

Last year my tomatoes got a lot of blossom rot and Laura had read that adding egg shell to compost when planting, helped stop this so she gave me a tub of ground egg shell and I will say that I got no blossom rot at all this year.

What also made me laugh is my daughter is shall we say, very money wise. She saw that I had started saving some egg shells and told me that as she had started saving hers while she was still living in the rented house but since they were looking for a house back then and she had 3 bags of egg shell so put them up for sale on eBay and made a profit of £2.50 per bag.

Have any of you used egg shells in your garden other then against slugs?

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Nice work Laura! And what a great tip for blossom end rot. I will pass this on, as nobody at my local hort. Club seems to know how to prevent it.

13 Sep, 2018


Thanks Karen. She does make me laugh. One of her favourite tv shows is the good life. She likes the idea of living as cheaply as possible so had to laugh when she told me she had even sold some ground egg shells.

From what I understand, is blossom end rot is caused by a lack of calcium and egg shells are made up from calcium carbonate. You have to grind them up to powder form but as said, I didn't get a single case of blossom end rot this year so am putting it down to the egg shells.

13 Sep, 2018


I'll have to give it a try next year. Only ever used around Hostas for slugs but anythings worth a try.

13 Sep, 2018


Ok..get it...ground very fine. Thank you!

13 Sep, 2018


I do the same thing with a pestle & mortar. Chuck it on areas I'm digging, the veg patch & mix a coarse grind into compost in containers.
Using aspirin on young toms is worth looking into as well!

13 Sep, 2018


I bake my eggshells so they come out very hard. I then brake them up and they become quite sharp. I use them as a barrier against slugs.

13 Sep, 2018


Thank you all.

Darren8 thanks for info. Will look up about using Aspirin.

Amsterdam, I had saw when I was looking up about egg shells about baking them to make them hard but hadn't tried it. Will have to try next year.

13 Sep, 2018


I have recently used crushed eggshells to prevent slugs eating a new Campanula that I bought. It has worked to a certain degree in that the Campanula is growing back nicely but still gets eaten a little bit.
Congratulations to your daughter for making a profit ! :)

15 Sep, 2018

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