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Paul (Bathgate)


By kate123


Hi, I wondered if anyone had heard from Paul? I had sent him a PM a couple of weeks ago and haven’t had any reply…
I just thought I’d ask as he is usually posting or giving feedback routinely. Hopefully he and his Mum are well and there are no serious issues.
Hoping little Felix is ok too 🤞

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I was just thinking that too Kate. I hope he's all right and just taking a break.

28 Feb, 2022


He does seem to be absent for some time..hope all is ok .

28 Feb, 2022


I think he did similar last year Kate. I agree lets hope he is keeping well.

28 Feb, 2022


Yes I think I remember that Eileen, and I do it sometimes myself.
I hope that's all it is though.

28 Feb, 2022


I too have missed Paul, as said he does disappear at times, I think we worry more now because of that darned virus, we can only hope that he is okay and pops up again..

28 Feb, 2022


Thanks Hywel, Julia, Eileen and Linda. You're most likely right about him having a little break.
He'll be posting his spring bulbs soon enough!
Still, hoping he's OK 🤞

28 Feb, 2022


Kate I'm Sue xx

28 Feb, 2022


Sorry Sue, I should’ve had my readers on, no excuse! I must admit I had a bit of a sleepless night. I wrote this blog about 4am, hoping for a good nights sleep - been to yoga at lunchtime and going again at 7! Should do the trick x

28 Feb, 2022

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