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Novice enquiry again..... :-)


The break in the weather is brilliant hope it holds out for more than a day or 2, as we’ve made a start in the garden. Posts for the partition fence have been put in today, hope to finish that in the next day or 2.

Some clearing and sorting of the allotment part of the garden has been started. Tomorow we’ve a trip to the tip planned and more and more sorting. Hope the weather holds till the weekend so we can start building our raised beds.

Few questions……

Are there any rules on the depth of a raised bed ??

Supports for french beans and peas…..what the best things to use??

Thnaks for all advice :-) xx

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Lucky you - I cant persuade my other half (known on GOY as an OH)

to build raised beds. Good luck with yours!

2 Mar, 2010


I suppose with raised beds you need them to be deep enough for the roots of whatever you're going to grow there. I don't know about rules though. It's your garden - you can make them any depth you like.

I use twiggy branches as support for peas. I've tried netting but it keeps falling down, and the peas don't seem to want to climb it anyway.
I find bamboo canes best for beans.

I hope the weather stays dry and not cold. I hate cold.
Good luck with your garden. I hope you can get lots more done :o)

3 Mar, 2010


There is a GoYpedia category for Building Raised Beds.
That might give you some ideas...
Click on B at the base of this page.

3 Mar, 2010


what about wigwams for beans, and raised beds not sure for veg as i dont grow them sorry :o)

3 Mar, 2010


Thanks everyone :-)

We've done more work on the garden today, partition fence is nearly done and used wood has been sorted to make a start of building the raised beds.

Over the weekend we hope to have most of the rubble and garden clear enough to build the first raised bed, i'll take some photos to show our progress :-)

3 Mar, 2010


Raised beds are great, but be aware of the common construction materials that are used. The most common is old railroad ties. They are cheap, BUT are often treated with chemicals that preserve the wood. Those chemicals will leach into the soil and upset the biological balance of the beds over time. Often a few years later, the plants will suffer because of this. Cement, bricks, PVC plastics, or other inert building materials work much better in the long term.
Another very cheap idea for a "raised bed" is to simply import your bed preparation materials in a smooth pile, then edge it at a 45 deg angle, add about 2 inches of native tree trimmings on the angle to prevent erosion, and you're good to go! Most tree trimming services that shred their cuttings are happy to give away a truck-load of the shreddings instead of hauling it to the local land-fill! Hint: Shredded tree trimmings are the very best mulch in the world if it has been taken from your local area because the biological characteristics of the mulch will match your own garden's ecosystem far better than anything that you could buy in a store! Over time the trimmings become wonderful compost that can then be recycled back into the raised bed.. Food for thought..

10 Mar, 2010

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