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Garden ornaments for Anget



Driving down our woodsy road one can see a white rabbit sitting in a tree stump. ( Relative to your white rabbit Anget ). I already posted his picture previously. He makes me smile when I drive down

Further down in the forest there is this piece of “art”

Metal Wind-spinner is entertaining in the breeze

little spinner in the rose

I am a wood-spirit collector and have few of them hanging around like these (there are more than shown) They are all masterfully carved by craftsmen from tree knots

Dominating presence of our Wood-spirit.

My “ornaments” are representing any place on the globe.
Mayan gods hiding in places

Mexican type of art I carried home from Mexico.

Copper parrot enjoying the view (brought from Mexico)

Little Mexican angel. It is a candle holder but I put a plant in it.

then comes the Japanese influence

Birds in all forms and shapes.



They are in pots

In chimnea

In baskets

Many birdhouses. There are plenty of real ones high in the trees but I also have some that meant to be a decoration but have an occasional occupant,… here and there.

I created a little frog garden and there are lots of critters in there…..
Grandchildren of my friends are scared of my wizards but love this frog garden

Lizzard in frog garden

There is a bigger Buddha

and a little buddha

and a turtle…..

and a slug….

and of course a frog

I am very fond of my Rooster and his family under the rhododendron

He is a handsome fellow.

and more chicken
At the entrance

Wooden chicken came home with me from Arizona

Owl in “Sun-valley”, the sunniest area on the property.
I got this owl to scare robins, not to eat my grapes and then I realized that I like robins more than my grapes. Robins are not dummies they use its head as a perch

Another metal, rustic owl I found on the property when we moved in

Now, something worse than gnomes: little classy porcelain ladies living in big trees. They can be seen in peoples houses on the shelf but most of mine live in the trees hidden from the public eye. They all have names and I talk to them too:-) Some travel from spot to spot. 8 of them and not all shown here




A ceramic pheasant is keeping me company when having coffee on our deck overlooking the channel and the Island on the other side

Cannot have a garden without a bee

A nun is praying for my plants to survive and bloom

Scarecrow in the orchard.
I was so much prettier when I was younger

MY friend Tacko (he is not real) Hoped he will scare deer. but no way, they are way too smart. I cannot have a real dog due to my allergies.

Cannot forget my forest gallery by the greenhouse. That’s pretty …..hmmmm….what can I say

I better end it here. We have a large property and there is always a room for more wacky ornaments.
I love them all.

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Thanks for sharing Klahanie. So many to choose from, but I particularly admire the wood spirits ... so skilfully carved 🙂.

26 Nov, 2020


Thank you Sheila for your comment and an appreciation of a good craftsmanship. He is the boss here and definitely a conversation piece.... little bit shocking for a new visitor.

26 Nov, 2020


Wow Klahanie - what a tremendous collection! Do you leave the porcelain ladies out all winter? I'm glad you didn't ask us to choose a favourite!

26 Nov, 2020


Yorkslass, the ladies stay out all year round, yes.Thanks for your visit and comment.

26 Nov, 2020


What s fantastic collection you have Klahanie, I think this is a great idea from Anget to get everyone to share there ornaments, now what do you think I would choose to be my favourite ornament, well to be honest you have so many that I like but it had to be the wood spirits, I tried to carve one myself years ago which was pathetic the work that has gone into carving them is incredible, I agree with you about the rabbit some ornaments just put a smile on your face when you see them even if you are having one of those miserable days, thanks they look great.

27 Nov, 2020


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your varied and wonderful collection, Klahanie. Your wood spirits remind me of The Green Man which has been an interest of mine for years, though what is known about him is is all surmised. He is represented with branches and leaves growing from the eyes and mouth and very much represents the spirit of the 'wild wood' as your lovely carvings do.
You seem to have a piece of art to suit each area. I'm fond of your appealing white rabbit and love the Mexican artefacts, too. I'm intrigued by them all.

27 Nov, 2020


You've got some beauties there Klahanie. the carvings are amazing.

27 Nov, 2020


Wow!!!!‘where do I start? Fantastic collection you have there, Klahanie! I think I’m going to choose a fave, then, I see another !!! Thank you for posting! Lovely pics!!! The carvings are beautiful, though, wonderful craftsmanship.

27 Nov, 2020


What an amazing collection Klahanie ,If only we had the space and room for so many , I do have a few but nothing like yours ...

27 Nov, 2020


Thank you very much for all your comments. I appreciate them very much.

27 Nov, 2020


I just remembered AMY, long time ago I downloaded a picture of a sundial in a circle and it sits in my "I like that" folder on my hard disk. I think it might have been yours. I will post it for you see if you recognize it. It has a cat ornament in it.

27 Nov, 2020


What a wonderful menagerie you've got there. I particularly like you bird collection. Splendid.

28 Nov, 2020


Such a pleasure to look at your collection, Thank you

28 Nov, 2020


Wow !!!... I would love a wander around your property looking to find all of them, you have a wonderful collection, I love them all so couldn't choose a favourite...Thankyou for sharing..

28 Nov, 2020


Just had another look at these to finally choose a favourite - is it obtuse of me to choose the scarecrow? Just can;t resist that grin...

28 Nov, 2020


You have lots of room to display your 'ornaments' Klahanie. I like the carved ones.

28 Nov, 2020


Thank you Siris and Jennh.

That could be a challenge Lincslass, (come any time.)
Thank you for liking them all.

You made me chuckle Yorkslass :-)

Yes, plenty of room to scatter few more, Hywel. Thank you.

28 Nov, 2020


wow i thought we had a few, what a fantastic collection

1 Dec, 2020


:-) you should share yours Davey :-)
Thanks for your comment.

1 Dec, 2020

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