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sorry mr. bunny


This morning as I ambled out to retrieve the feeders to fill them up for the weekend. I was greeted by Molly with a look of confusion on her face. Lying in front of her was a bunny. From a distance it looked frozen. I immediately retrieved a refuse bag to dispose of the carcus…what I discoved to my dismay was the bunny was still warm.

It didn’t take much detective skills to know who the culprit was. The confusion I believe is Molly didn’t understand why it quit moving…or maybe it was a “now what do I do?” From previous blogs you can determine there is no great love loss between me and bunnies…they eat my plants. But I’m also a live and let live type of person.
So….Mr. Bunny, I am very sorry Molly found you for a friend.

May everyone’s day be a thousand times better than Mr. Bunny’s.

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Not quiet sure how to take this blog Parhaps I better read it again

16 Jan, 2010


Molly was not trained to be a when she gets a hold of an animal it is mostly to play mixed with instinct. She ends up killing the animal and then is unsure why it quit movining. Thus Molly finding it for a friend ends up in its demise. Most of the time Molly doesn't catch them...not sure what happened this time the bunny was full grown. Its usually babies that she gets lucky enough to catch but even that isn't very often. This is the 3rd animal in 7 years.

16 Jan, 2010


Oh no, poor bunny! I know how you feel though as one of my cats is a real predator and regularly, more so in the summer, brings in live mice and birds to play with. She does also eat them though. Luckily though the other cat is far too lazy. You have to be thankful of small mercies in this world. :-)

16 Jan, 2010


It's what some animals do. My cat catches mice and voles. It's just nature. Very cruel but that's how it is.

16 Jan, 2010


Sorry to hear your day has been so upsetting poor Mr Bunny. But thats how it is this thing called nature sometimes it cruel I expect Molly thought he wanted to play. She didn't mean for this to happen.

17 Jan, 2010


OOOOO Thats sad. My Olley catches mice and the odd bird I hate when he does it but sadley its part of their nature

17 Jan, 2010


Same here Donnah my Smokey was the predator and she only brought birds mice and even butterflies to me , when they where beyond help, as if to say make them work again Mam.

17 Jan, 2010


Nali...our cat wears a fairly loud bell....Im hoping the birds this winter will hear him coming....

17 Nov, 2010

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