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Stealth Gardening


By madmum


I’m having to adopt the stealthy gardening method to reclaim flower beds from the “lawn”. He who must be ignored keeps bemoaning the loss of his grass – grass is fine if you’re a cow….. or if you have young children… but I need colour!

While he was at work today I got to work myself…….. I removed the grass from a small (about 4ft x 2ft) area next to the arch, dug it and added lots of lovely organic manure. I then planted the Clematis Miss Bateman I got late last year – it looks great after being nurtured through the winter months.

The shape is carefully planned to fit in with the design of the garden, based on diagonals. It stops short of the hedge because we’re going to have a gravel path down that side of the garden, turning towards the shed which is out of picture to the left of the arch.

The stealth part will come into play when I gradually make the bed wider, a couple of inches at a time, until it is a good size for lots of plants ;o) This is likely to be a process repeated on all of the flower beds!

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~sneaky or what!

17 Mar, 2009


I know how u feel Madmum my own garden is Big & was all Grass :( But Bit By Bit its got More&Bigger Borders now :) My Fella Moans to but im for colour so Go Girl were on the Same Team ;) lol

17 Mar, 2009


Arlene, there's no reason for him to be like he is about the grass, he hates mowing the lawn, yet he has been ridiculously stubborn about my plans for flower beds! I can be stubborn too, but I'm crafty with it *giggle*

Thanks for the support Jacque, we have to stick together! lol

17 Mar, 2009


Itl look so much better Madmum & save lots of time of Lawn Cutting ;)

17 Mar, 2009


I know, he won't have to empty the grass box so often! :oD

17 Mar, 2009


Exactly :)

17 Mar, 2009


If his job is the mowing part then you,re saving his time tell him.We have the perfect partnership here,hubby hates gardening and its my pride and joy so it works out quite well,means I get free reign..........

17 Mar, 2009


He will never notice a thing until it is too late. :o)

18 Mar, 2009


~I'm all for it~go girl go!

18 Mar, 2009


Yes, get rid of the grass. I never understand what people see in lawns. I think they're boring - probably the same as the people who like them.

18 Mar, 2009


Gardeners garden its what we do, while a lawn is attractive in moderation, too much is boring,

18 Mar, 2009


I love that name 'he who must be ignored' LOL

18 Mar, 2009


Funny how borders grow, isn't it! They do in my garden as well - I edge the lawns and hey presto! The border has grown again! There is a law we gardeners must obey, you know. I work by it aways!

"More border = more planting space".

18 Mar, 2009


A lady friend of mine had the same 'problem'. Her husband solved it by putting a brick edging all round the lawn!

18 Mar, 2009


Aw Andrew, don't give 'he who' and ideas. More power to your elbow, Madmum. I'm sure we're ALL with you!

18 Mar, 2009


they magically grow in mine, i leave the edges until they look untidy and instead of taking them back 4 inches they go back 8 or even more. I will sometimes straighten out a curve then next week have to put curves back in, stealing grass all the time. hubby never says a word. if i was to say less grass he'd opt for more hard standing so shh mums the word!

18 Mar, 2009


Lincslass, with a bit of luck he will see that for himself eventually. I think he just likes to have something to moan about though.

Gilli, I reckon you're probably right! lol

Don't worry Arlene, I will!

Hywel, I'm already planning where the next flower bed will go! lol

FF, absolutely right!

Sewingkilla, I think it suits him! lol

Spritz I'll remember that one :D

Andrew, fortunately HWMBI doesn't get online so he won't read your post! :oP

Thanks Wagger!

Seaburngirl, that's amazing, maybe mine need some curves too! ;o) Hard standing? Ugh! My lips are sealed!

19 Mar, 2009

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