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anybody having trouble accessing/responding to pm’s? if this does not get published then i can’t post either?

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a number of members have complained of the same problems. Nobody seems to know why it happens.

13 Apr, 2016


Look at Hywels "somethings wrong" blog, about 100 comments now

Also one from Peter the part owner of the site......if explains everything really
If you add a comment we'll all read it

13 Apr, 2016


I can receive PMs but get a message saying I can't send them. But they seem to get delivered anyway so bash on and hope for the best.

13 Apr, 2016


I have no problems to speak of. It's like you guys were just down the street. :)

13 Apr, 2016


When you look to the stars we are Bathgate ......neighbours across the pond xxx

14 Apr, 2016


That's so deep

14 Apr, 2016


There have been some very interesting and absorbing tv programmes recently on the universe, makes our world seem very small

Doyou get professor brian cox in the states?......

14 Apr, 2016


I don't watch a lot of TV Pam but I found Brian's site with full episodes I can watch online (much better then tv - no commercials). I will certainly be checking him out. thanks Pam.

14 Apr, 2016


I have had to watch the wonders of the universe/solar system/life quite a number of times Bathgate just to get my head around the physics of it all.......
( and only just about skimmed the surface. ....sort of ?)

Watched a bit of the Sky at Night last night ( begun by the wonderful Patrick Moore)

Two black holes crashing together and becoming more than the sum of its parts......
They are discovering so much these days, the super black hole is in the Andromeda galaxy so very far away.......

I find it all so interesting .....fancy us all being created from stardust ?

15 Apr, 2016


Check out Hywels blog Misplaced it explains a lot.....

15 Apr, 2016


I love astronomy and that is very interesting. Do you remember Shoemaker Levy in 1994? Those asteroids were heading towards Earth, but Jupiter intercepted them and took the hit? That was amazing. Jupiter saved our lives. It just happened again on March 29.

I thought there was a giant black hole at the center of Milky Way.

15 Apr, 2016


Think there is Bathgate

The sky at night folk had a complicated explaination about how they could work it all out in the next galaxy! .......

Oh yes......I remember now,
I thought the powers thst be are on asteroid watch, they sort of missed thst one didn't they
And the one that landed in russia

15 Apr, 2016


yes, that's right. Nobody saw that one coming. It just shows how little we understand about our own universe.

15 Apr, 2016


Like you I'm interested in all the new information we're getting from the space station and the hubble telescope
New technology is making it easier to go deeper and deeper into space it seems,

Its a long while ago that I watched with awe the men bouncing about on the moon ........

Do you get Dr who?......I'm a child of the 60's brought up on scary sci fi and always been fascinated by the stars

15 Apr, 2016

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