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My balcony


I’m happy to say, all the plants have gone to new homes, or have been planted out on the balcony. I am glad to have my windowsills back. By the end of May I have had enough of all my windowsills being fill with plants. I walk out on my balcony; and it was all worth it.

We have peas. William love peas, I’m glad about that; there’s a lot out there. The sugar snap peas are just starting to flower; we will have more peas soon. Runner beans are in flower, adding a nice bit of colour to the balcony. French beans, lettuce, parsley and tomatoes a tomato seed has found its way in with the lettuce, it’s a sham I cut two of the runner bean plants down by mistake, never mind there caching up now.
My little water feature


(Before) The little dome I made, using three hanging baskets that someone was going to throw away. We planted nasturtium and peppers, hopefully this will give the vegetable and herb garden lots of colour.

(Now) the little dome is looking good, and it didn’t cost anything. Nasturtium is just starting to flower.

Charlie and William have been out doing a bit of gardening. They both tell me that they are harvesting their crops, lettuce, dill, parsley and peas.

William’s is checking the carrots; William asked me how long you need to keep the fleece over the carrots? I don’t know; how long do you have to keep them covered?

Charlie and William’s are enjoying their garden, it’s looking good. Can you believe; all this cost was five pound?

What has Tony found?

It’s a morning glory; some of my seeds always find their way in Tony’s pots.

Tony comes out in springtime and throws lots of seeds in his pots; and they all come up. I don’t know how he does it, when I do it; it never works.

My tomatoes and nasturtium, my tomatoes are just starting to flower. I do love a tomato.

My window box is starting to flower.

Morning glory is on its way

This is how the balcony looks now

How the balcony looked last year

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Amazing what you can do with such small space.

22 Jun, 2015


Looks great... you have made a good use of all the space you have....

23 Jun, 2015


My mum always told me, to make the best of what you’ve got; and I try to do that.

23 Jun, 2015


What a lovely blog thanks for sharing:)

23 Jun, 2015


Looks a very productive area, all doing very well Maria, its nice to see all the greenery and the flowers, makes it look more lived in and welcoming, you certainly make the most of your bit of space.....

23 Jun, 2015


Thank you all for your nice comments

23 Jun, 2015


Surprising what can be done in such a small space :)

23 Jun, 2015


Excellent .....good work chaps. so much on that balcony space, well done.

25 Jun, 2015



26 Jun, 2015


Your balcony is certainly looking very good! I very much liked the idea with the hanging baskets! A few weeks ago my brother brought me a hanging basket with unknown plants in it. I've since discovered that the bits of apparently dead wood are actually a Fuchsia! The other plants appear to be some kind of herbs, but I can't identify them yet. I put in two plants of trailing Begonias as I thought the original plants weren't going to survive. The Begonias are doing well as are all the other plants!

27 Jun, 2015

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