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I have never been lucky another to have a garden, but I have always been lucky another to have a balcony. I couldn’t get out there last year; we had scaffolding up all through spring and summer. I really missed it; gardening is a great stress relief for me. It’s like starting all over again, with a blank canvas. My daughter bought me a little water feature for my birthday. I think it’s going to look nice out there on my balcony, my husband thinks I’m mad. Last year we had new neighbor’s move into the block. Charlie and William, They want to grow their own vegetables and herbs, and asked me if I would help them. I love it out there, so I am more than happy to help them.

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Welcome to Goy Maria, you will find many people here sharing our common interest,a love of gardening who like you also garden in a small space, its surprising what one can achieve if determined, check out Balcony's blogs and photo's, he has an amazing display every year, then there is Bamboo, usually found on the questions pages, always willing to answer our questions and advises all of us, members and guests, she too gardens on a balcony at home..
Off now to check out your photo's

2 May, 2015


Welcome from me too. It just goes to prove that if you have the will to garden, whether it's flowers or veg., you will find a way. There are some spectacular balcony's planted with a huge variety of plants about and the great thing about them is that they are manageable, you don't get marauding cats, ground elder or even human vandals spoiling things! One of the TV programmes proved that it is only a matter of imagination that restricts what you can grow on a balcony - unless of course you aspire to a full grown oak tree!

3 May, 2015


Thank you both for a lovely welcome.

3 May, 2015


Welcome from me, too :) I saw some interesting pots specially designed for hanging over balcony railings last weekend - I wonder if you have seen them?

3 May, 2015


Thank you for your nice welcome. No I haven't seen them, where did you see them?

3 May, 2015


I saw them in Wyevale yesterday but I expect other places do them as well. There are some on Ebay, all different types, if you want to check them out. Some of them are cheaper than others. I didn't notice the price at Wyevale.

3 May, 2015


Hi Maria, you have a nice space there to garden on! Your balcony is longer & more open than ours & I see you have others that share the space with you. Our balconies in this block of flats are all individual so we don't share them with anyone. My wife & I live on the ground floor & the ground floor balconies are all a little deeper than those above us. We have lived here almost 15 years now.

I have spent most of my gardening life gardening on balconies in Spain. We only had a real garden of our own for 4 years in a brief period at the start of the '80s when we lived in the UK.

26 May, 2015


Do you live in Spain?

1 Jun, 2015


No, we live in the UK! For the past 15 years we have lived in this flat! We lived in Spain for many years, in my wife's city in central Spain. We were much further from any coast than you can possibly get in the UK. Her city is exactly halfway between Madrid & Valencia, on the railway from the capital of the country to the Mediterranean coast.

The main road used to run through her city but some years ago they built a new 4 lane motorway that now bypasses her town of Cuenca. There is a motorway that follows the old road - more or less - that brings traffic to Cuenca but the major motorway now bypasses the city.

There is a high speed rail connection with a first class modern station just outside the city as well as the old station in the middle of the city with conventional rail services.

I've written several blogs on Cuenca over the years. If you are interested you can always look back through my blog archive.

1 Jun, 2015

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