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Yorkshire Wildlife Park


By mark61


I woke up this morning and me jewels says what can we do today,after seeing the adverts on tv for YWP new tiger exhibit.We thought we would go and have a look.

It was a really nice day,i did my best with the pictures,just thought i would share this with you all.


“Is my dinner ready yet”

We will play fight first we think

“Get of its mine gggrrrr”

Hide and seek

“They dont understand the game ,dont all hide together” lol

Sleeping flamingoes

Pink flamingoes

Bloody flies just cant reach them lol

Wallaby in deep thought

Zebras ,Poo Wee lolol

Guanaco mmmmmm food

Capybara oh well best eat the grass if the missis isnt cooking me anything lol



Lemur woods

Black swan i am so handsome mmmm

Zebra ooohhh got to share food again with the neighbours

Lemur woods

Tiger waterfall

Lazing in the sun

Mmmmmmm i can see food

What you looking at you handsome devil lol

Family time

Poorly man all keepers were watching him as he was not well bless

His friends are calling him as they were seperated

Worried friends

Now on a lighter note “Wake up missis”

“Yes what do you want "

OOOHHH baby thankyou” notice the smile on the lioness face lol

Mmmmm wheres Mark?


What love lololol

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lovely photos ~ that laid back meercat in picture 2 made me smile, and the one who is wearing a cactus!! looks like you had good weather!

27 Aug, 2011


Thanks stickitoffee you now have to read the captions that we have just added lol:))))

27 Aug, 2011


Love the Meercats such cuties and the lions he s more like waking her up to go get the food as lions don't hunt they leave it all to the lioness typical lol I was quite suprised the camel did nt spit at you but offering you a kiss instead, is that tops of you picking up a bit of stuff lol haha see I ve read all the captions.

27 Aug, 2011


Hi 6d i love meerkats they are so cute. im sure he knows the meal should always be on the table which it is lolol,but he as got three beautiful daughters and maybe he wants a son now lol.:))))

27 Aug, 2011


very funny mark ~ loved it!

are you old enough to have watched johnny morris and the animal magic?? i reckon you would do a very good job at that.

27 Aug, 2011


In the wild the lion would kill and eat the offspring, just tiffing time I thinks. hehe

27 Aug, 2011


Mark I really enjoyed your pics and the captions are so apt. Smashing blog, thankyou for sharing your visit...

27 Aug, 2011


ST Yes i remember him so well.Oh my god i cannot believe johnny morris i loved the way he spoke about the animals,its just like the simpsons for kids but for adults aswell.His wording was superb.Nicely spotted.:))))

Hi 6d in the wild you are wrong he will only kill offspring not his own .but he lives with his wife and kids now in a wildlife park and he protects them all from the other prides in the wildlife park lol:)))))

Hi Lincslass .I am glad you enjoyed this blog,it took my wife 5 minutes to do it lol Not ,:)))))))

27 Aug, 2011


we didnt have a tv in those days so i only saw bits occasionally but i still love it!!

an animal magic blog with you and TT would be amazing!!

27 Aug, 2011


Just love this Mark,and the captions are great..and very apt ! :o).My daughter was just talking about this place ,the other night..she wants to take our Grandson..never mind him,I want to go as well.! Lol..Doncaster way,isn't it?
Will google it tomorrow..thanks for sharing..:o)

27 Aug, 2011


lovely photo's Mark---and the comments are brilliant!

28 Aug, 2011


great blog Mark, is this the one at Doncaster,!!

28 Aug, 2011


Loved going round with you, but best of all i loved the meekats, there again i think everybody loves them, there so cute are'nt they.

28 Aug, 2011


Hi Bloomer hope you found it ok on the internet,it is at doncaster trust us your grandson will love and you aswell lol.

Hi Pamg thankyou for the kind comment.

Hi Val yes me dear it is the one at doncaster,we went last year and we thought we would go again as they were advertising there new tiger area.It was a nice day out.

Hi Clarice yes i so agree with you i used to watch meerkat manor all the time about time they brought out a new series.:

Thanks again mark

28 Aug, 2011


Lovely place with great pics & captions too ... think my favourites are the Meerkats, Tiger and Lemur ... lovely to see the animals looking so happy & healthy ... :o)))

28 Aug, 2011


Yep agree with Shirley lovely blog amazing pics:)

28 Aug, 2011


great blog and photos mark, lovely to see all them animals in nice surroundings looking happy :o)

29 Aug, 2011


Lovely pics Mark.... lov ethe meerkats there my favs...

29 Aug, 2011


Hi Shirley i am not taking all the credit for this blog,as my wife sorted it all out for me but the main stars were the animals.Thankyou for your kind comment.:)))

Hi Nana thankyou for agreeing and thankyou for your comment:))))

Hi Sanbaz it was a great day we all loved every minute,Some of the pictures were a bit blurred taking pictures through glass etc my camera would just not do it.Thankyou so much:)))))

Hi Hollyeves,it seems a lot of people love the meerkats ,
We did find out from a talk about the meerkats that a lot of people in the uk keep them as pets in cages which is very distressing for them ,therefore about 90% of them die or end up in vets or dumped somewhere.How naive are people.It makes me sick to even think about it.Thankyou for your comment.

31 Aug, 2011


Arr thats a shame mark... you wouldnt think people would have them as pets would you....

4 Sep, 2011

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