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Cherry picking and causing alarm


I decided to tackle the overgrown conifer and the unwanted young sycamore outside my lounge window earlier today. Part of the reason was to give my 2 surviving nasturtium plants more light, but one got a bit squashed by a falling branch…. hopefully not too badly but we’ll see how it recovers.

Then, enjoying using my lovely cutting tool, and all enthused, I decided to continue and give the cherry tree by our front fence a good pruning too, since having been told a couple of weeks back that it’s too big and needs taking in hand. So I got on with that and found a cherry on it (that’s how I found out it was a cherry tree! :D) And then a few more. So I was eating inbetween cutting, and enjoying myself very much.

There was one bit that I couldn’t reach without going and finding something to stand on and that wasn’t happening without another person around. I went outside onto the pavement to pick up the couple of branches that had fallen that side and saw my new neighbour. He was very happy to do that last bit as he’s taller and could reach it ok.

Then I was chatting with his partner for a while outside before going indoors to get my washing to hang out.

I was just heading out of the front door with the washing (I have to go round the side of the house to get to the garden) and just coming to my door were 2 people. Turns out my personal alarm had gone off and because they couldn’t get an answer from me over the emergency call service they’d come out.

I must’ve knocked the button accidentally while I was chopping branches (it’s on a band round my wrist)

So we had to fill out the paperwork and they had to call into the centre to let the office know that all was well, before I could carry on with hanging out the laundry.

Then I’ve had a cuppa and a nap and got up and had another cuppa and I should think my laundry must be about dry by now so it’s back out to the garden…. :)

(I should take the camera out and take some photos of the results from the chopping, then I can add them here)

Back in a bit….

Poor squashed nasturtium:-


Chopped cherry:-

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well you have been busy. the nasturtium will put on new growth so don't worry.

16 Aug, 2017


It certainly does look like you have been very busy and what a bonus with the cherries. It was very kind of your new neighbour to help out. Glad it was a false alarm with the personal alarm.

17 Aug, 2017


I'm glad you were able to do that work but what a nuisance for that alarm to go off when it wasn't needed. They are a life saver sometimes though.

18 Aug, 2017


Welcome to Gou, Pamela. Not really a like' with your troubles, but all ended ok. Do take your time doing the garden, there's always tomorrow.

18 Aug, 2017


Well at least you know that if you really needed someone the alarm will work. You certainly pruned a fair bit off the conifer and a neat pile of the cherry as well, good days work Pam, easy stages and then having a rest sounds a very good idea....

18 Aug, 2017


Thank you all :)

19 Aug, 2017


You should have asked the paperwork people for help while they were there! :O)

I have done this with the Emergency button on my mobile phone but, fortunately, this only contactrs my OH and our daughter.

Didn't have a single cherry on my cherry tree!!

20 Aug, 2017


Latest on the "cherry" tree, is everyone else who's seen the fruit now say it's plum not cherry - never seen such little round plums but whatever they are, they are delicious.

I did offer them a cuppa, but they didn't want any.

22 Aug, 2017


They're not damsons, by any chance? :O)

23 Aug, 2017

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