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Within our city, The Coach House Trust nestles within a cobbled lane full of green splendour. We live within in a nation with a food system gravely out of balance. Currently the scale and dominance of industrial agriculture creates harsh economic realities for small-scale market gardens .The social and environmental implications of these realities are dire. Our food systems are dependent on large corporate interest and are fuelled by chemicals, and air miles. We are witnessing the rapid and irreversible erosion of topsoil, pollution of our water sources, and loss of biodiversity within our communities.
We at the Coach House Trust believe we need to get creative. We need more small market gardens both urban and rural, in order to regenerate healthy local communities and the local economies. That’s why the CHT are working towards an urban market garden model that makes up for its small scale by recycling urban resources, eliminating transportation costs, and enlivening new forms of community support. We are applying our creativity, determination, and hard work towards a re-visioning of our food system, and local participation.
There’s a lot of programming around teaching people how to grow food and to raise awareness, we focus on education and community empowerment through tailor made workshops for each participants needs and ability .We believe this is an invaluable role investing in educational programs, which are both practical based and theory based. If the urban food system is to be reshaped, as we believe it must, then it needs to be approached from as many different angles as possible. Inner city growing within the Coach House Trust is a tangible example, a gesture of what it means to produce food in an urban space. working alongside mother nature ..creating a green lung. The market garden is open for people, groups and other communities to come and explore, to see it, touch it, and interact with it. We are the green-oriented community within the city. we are designing and creating something artisinal and unique within a busy community The Coach House Trust is a unique project a product that can fill a niche, but can also grow into a niche.
The Coach House Trust wants this to be an integral part of our culture. The garden educators for growing food, giving individuals the knowledge and education to understanding where their food comes from…… the complete process, allowing people to appreciate the connection.
For this to happening, we have to really acknowledge that it needs a place in the market economy. We have a huge uphill battle against the entrenched agribusiness corporate-dominated food system and the entire world is implicated in it.

The once neglected inner city gap site, which we now call our market garden, has the framework to make a difference as the cities green educator.
Through our actions we’re calling out for people to come up with more creative solutions to how more food can be produced in and around cities, how more of our food production can minimize the gap between the mouth and the field.Lets hope we can inspire .

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Brilliant idea! I hope it grows and grows so that every village and city has something like this going on. I've been think on these terms too. If every one that had a place to grow food would even grown just one food source it would make a difference. Best of luck.

27 Mar, 2012


Good luck with your growing ideas.

28 Mar, 2012


Fascinating and so needed - good to see these truths 'spoken' have you some more info please? Thanks

20 Apr, 2012


I'm just becoming involved in community gardening, like your point of view x

23 Jun, 2012

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