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aphids go on any of the other plants in my garden ? as some of my strawberry and tomatoe plants have completly died over the last couple of weeks, the leaves all curled up and went dry then droped offf, the same thing happen to our gooseberry tree,

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please help !!!!!



This does sound much more like drought - read my blog on watering. If the plants are in pots, you need to saturate the pot when you water, don't just wet the top of the soil.

21 Jun, 2009


the greenfly rarely kill plants just cause distirtion of the shoots. it is more likely to be lack of watering. did you spray them with anything? my brother mixed up weedkiller and bug killer once. only the once though:o)

21 Jun, 2009


thanks for the advice, dont think i under watered, i usualy get told i over water, !!!!!!

I purchased a Rothschildiana from the gardeners world show, now home and repoted it all the new buds are going black,any advice please

21 Jun, 2009

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