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I've had strawberries in a strawberry planter bag and I've had raspberries in a pot. Neither of these has produced much yield this year. I've been told that I can keep these plants until next year. What do I do with them - trim them down? also can I just put them in their containers in the greenhouse to keep until I bring them out next year?
any advice would be great - thanks

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Your strawberries need to either be planted in the ground or in a proper strawberry pot. The raspberries definitely need to be planted in the ground - they will not grow properly in a pot. When you plant the canes cut out the ones that flowered and fruited this year and only leave the ones which grew during the year. These are the canes that will flower and fruit next year. Rasps. take a while to establish so don't expect a huge crop to start with. Neither the strawberries nor the raspberries should be put into your greenhouse.

14 Aug, 2009

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