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if a persons skin is broken by the plant yucca gloriosa into a vein are any side effects possible from this


By Puppet

United Kingdom Gb

48hours after cutting my leg my vein becme inflammed and since am having bad leg pains



You should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

25 Aug, 2009


It won't be the plant itself that's caused that reaction, they're not specially poisonous or anything, I'm constantly being stabbed by those damned thorns on the tips (I now nip off the tips with sharp secateurs). You should, though seek a doctor's advice in case you've introduced a staph infection into the vein - staph lives on the skin all the time and in the air, so any puncture wound can introduce it, or in fact, any wound at all. You may need a course of antibiotics, and if you do, sooner rather than later.

25 Aug, 2009


Get to the doctor straight away and explain what has happened. It may be the plant or it may be dirt on the stem that is causing your discomfort.
I often cut and scratch myself on plants and take no notice of it. So far, any bleeding and minor inflamation has gone away but if it got worse I would go straight to the doctor or A&E.

25 Aug, 2009


Absolutely Bulbaholic - I've been a gardener for 25 years and never had a problem - until 4 years ago, and it was the tiniest, virtually invisible scratch on my forearm that caused me to have cellulitis - I noticed a bruised ring around the scratch which got bigger over two days with a slightly red edge - off to A & E, antibiotics. And yet I've damaged myself so many times in much more major ways and had no trouble. Thank god it was somewhere I could see it - it didn't hurt so I wouldn't have known it was there. So, Puppet, if you've not done so already, hotfoot now to a medic, please.

25 Aug, 2009


ooh nasty stuff

hope all is better soon Puppet

x x x

25 Aug, 2009


Good luck from me as well hope you are better soon . Let us know what happens.

25 Aug, 2009


Hopeit gets sorted. You may also need a Tetanus shot because of it, but i had one done in case anything did happen to me.

26 Aug, 2009


Me too Nicky - in fact, the last one I had 11 years ago I had a reaction to cos I'd had them every ten years up till then, so I apparently, I don't need any more (thank heavens - couldn't stop twitching and ticking for 3 days after the last one)

26 Aug, 2009


When I had my last booster I was told not to come back! Seemingly I was immune for life.

26 Aug, 2009


I hate to say it Bulbaholic but about ten years ago it went from every 5 years to every 10 years but after a certain age its deemed no longer nessessary because in 10 years time you will probably be looking at the garden not doing it!

26 Aug, 2009


Now, now Drc726 - I was told if you'd had 3 boosters as an adult, you'd not need any more, so its not just your age, it's how many you've had. Admittedly, you're getting on a bit by the time you've had three boosters.... But I want to know what's happened to the person who asked the original question.

26 Aug, 2009


I hope you don't mean that I'll be looking 'up' at the garden in ten years! lol. No, it must be at least nine years since the last booster!!!!!!!

26 Aug, 2009


Sorry Bulbaholic but you did ask!

Bambo - 3 only is many years out of date after that it was 5 yearly and the latest WHO guidelines for medics is - administer every ten years but after 70 you should be ok some GPs may say 60-65.

I too would like to know how the person is?

27 Aug, 2009


Interesting conflict of advice there Drc - mine was due 2 years ago (having been 10 years since the last) and the doc said I didn't need any more and I'm in my fifties - does this mean I should have another?

27 Aug, 2009


Thats between you and your GP but personally I think 50 is too early to stop if you are a regular serious gardener.

27 Aug, 2009


Hmm - I'm not keen to experience that reaction again though - couldn't sleep for two whole nights cos I was twitching so much.

28 Aug, 2009


Hi everyone, only came across this while searching for myself. I was stabbed by one of these vulgar plants (sorry to all plant lovers but these things should never have been planted where they were haha) right into a vein on my scalp. I didn't think about it as we all had so many bites by these things we're used to it... The mount of blood was ridiculous - enough to make the kids scream... Anyway, I got dizzy and went to bed, waking up a few hours later throwing up and with more pain than I could bear. 2 hours wait in ER, they were less worried about toxicity and more about getting the bed clean. Thankfully am a trained nurse so was able to get through to them with the help of a very persistent elder daughter (also avid gardener). Ended up needing anti-emetic and strong analgesia - enough to knock me out, bliss!

As for tetanus the consensus is out - I am a trained homoeopath and even though I once gave vaccines as part of my role, we use homoeoprophylaxis now - but I keep up with the latest research in vaccinations - the current view is now every 2 years. I don't agree with it at all - as a 16 year old I was up to date, having been vaxxed for tetanus just 6 months previously. Ended up in hospital (special care) WITH tetanus! Go figure. More about hygiene and overall health but that's another story.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you, stabbing 'anything' into a blood vessel - even an innocent plant, is not wise hehe

16 Nov, 2014


That's interesting - in the UK, after receiving 4 lots of tetanus innoculation in a lifetime, they now say you don't need any more, whatever happens, and the recommended time between booster shots has changed from 5 years to 10... seems like no one really knows for sure, doesn't it...

17 Nov, 2014


I am moving house and picked up a potted verigated (yellow and green striped) Yukka 2 days ago and the spike in the end of a foliage stabbed straight into the inside of my wrist and I suspect it hit a vein. It immediately came up in a huge bump- like a marble under my skin but soon went down but became a big blue area (about the size of a lighter) under the skin which was very sore to touch and ached when I moved my wrist. The blue was the same colour as the blue veins I have in my wrist.
It then became a bruise and 2 days later is a yellow bruise which is still sore to touch. It is getting better so I'm not going to worry about seeing a doctor- if it was getting worse I would but no point now.

1 Jun, 2016


sounds like a normal bruise, which is only bleeding in tissues under the top layer of skin, as I'm sure you know already. It is possible to dethorn Yuccas by clipping just below the thorny tip with sharp, clean secateurs - I do it to the one on my balcony, as its in a narrow space that I move past regularly.

1 Jun, 2016

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