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Could it be hedgehogs digging holes in my lawn?


By Eden

United Kingdom Gb

The digging takes place at night. There are no signs of cats using it as a toilet and I don't live in an area where dogs run loose. The area that is dug looks as though it might be an animal that is looking for earth worms etc. and is newly planted and therefore the soil is soft.



We've had this in our garden, and weren't sure what was doing it until very late one night we spotted a badger. Could be you're lucky enough to have badgers? They're lovely to watch, and just looking for food. We don't see ours lately as the open area at the end of our garden has now been fenced off by our neighbour, so alas, the badger can't get in :- (

13 Sep, 2009


I recently noticed several holes about the size of a large orange, but in soil, and nearby found fresh hedgehog droppings, small black droppings still fresh. I expect they wanted worms.

13 Sep, 2009


we have hedghogs too
I recognised the poo!! sorry to mention that, they doo snuffle for worms and slugs and make litle snuffling piggy noises

how lucky... perhaps you could try and take a picture?

x x x

13 Sep, 2009


We get holes dug in our front lawn and I know there are no badgers or hedgehogs in the area as we live high up on a sort of island between two roads. I am pretty sure ours are dug by foxes as they have been seen in the garden.

13 Sep, 2009

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