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What is wrong with these Pansies?


By Lily2

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

A month ago I bought a tray of 20 pansies, mixed yellow and blue. They were potted up and all treated the same but some of them (on right in the pic) are now very sad looking. They are mostly but not entirely the yellow ones. Some have already gone to the compost heap and it seems likely these will become candidates too. Is it OK to compost them and does anyone have any idea what is wrong? Are the rest (on the left) likely to go the same way? Other trays of slightly bigger plants are doing well.




hi lily, you answered my question onviolas & mildew, I've lost one out of a tub of 4 and some of the others look a bit sad I can't see mildew in the photo's but could it be spraying them ( I did mine) and some that were badly affected being weaker-- some of the leaves look yellowy, hope someone else can help us!

20 Oct, 2009


Thanks Pam, it would be a possibility but these were not the ones I sprayed, those were the bigger ones which so far, fingers crossed , are growing well and mildew free.
Yes these are very yellowy and wilted looking and getting worse everyday, definitely going nowhere except the compost heap or bin I fear! (Unless someone has a magic wand)
I hope yours pick up.

20 Oct, 2009


thanks lily, the grower said they like it cold well its cold and wet here!

20 Oct, 2009


Some times when iv potted my pansys on they will look like this until their roots get a grip into the new soil ! Maybe time is the answer ?? :/

20 Oct, 2009


Did you use a different compost from the other ones? They look as if they aren't enjoying where their feet are. Tip one out and check to see if they are waterlogged or if there are any grubs etc in the compost.

20 Oct, 2009


They do look a bit too wet to me.

20 Oct, 2009


It sounds very much like pansy sickness which is a soil borne fungus
were they go all limp and lose there colour. They dont like a lot of water,they love the cold. Good luck.

20 Oct, 2009


Thanks all, for your answers.
They were all potted up in the same compost Volunteer, I will check them out tomorrow for grubs. They did get a bit wet when it rained about a week ago Heather but they didn't sit in it for long. They haven't had any water since and are still not dry so yes maybe it's a case of too much water and not enough root. I don't think time is on their side Jacque!
I did wonder about pansy sickness Stripes but didn't realise it affected young plants too, they do look exactly as you describe.
It sounds then, that I should segregate the sad ones and if they die, put them in the bin not compost just in case. I shall keep a close eye on the rest, keep them cold and dry-ish and hope for the best

20 Oct, 2009


Are the pansies any better Lily, or have you binned them yet?
I ask 'cause I had the same prob.

24 Oct, 2009


Sent you a PM Val

24 Oct, 2009

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