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Mystery Fruit!

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone have any ideas what this little thing is? It smells almost...soapy :s with a very bitter taste. They are about the size of a golf ball with yellow skin, pale hard flesh inside and little brown seeds. We have had the suggestion that they may be lemon or limes but the skin has a very different texture to those. There are a few more photos of the fruit and the plant it came from on my homepage, any ideas greatly appreciated! Elle :)




I'm looks a bit like an apricot....but as its bitter tasting it can't be..if it has a very hard outer coat it could be a quince?....look forward to hearing what the experts have to say.:))

25 Oct, 2009


I agree Amblealice I think it's a quince.

25 Oct, 2009


yes i think it is quince too. are the plants in flower in the spring?

25 Oct, 2009


It's really quite sad how exciting it is finding out what it is! I think you must be right as all the asnswers here and on my other photos say quince! Yes the outer skin is very hard Amblealice but I'm not sure about flowering Seaburngirl as we only moved in this year and I've only recently noticed it tucked away in the corner. Thank you so much for you input though guys! I'm off to phone my mum and tell her I think you've solved it hehe! Elle :)

25 Oct, 2009


It does look like an apricot doesn't it ?
Also looks like a passionfruit except they're not hard !

26 Oct, 2009


Looks a bit like some of my sweet peppers.!

26 Oct, 2009



26 Oct, 2009


Defintely Quince from Chaenomeles japonica rather than Cydonia. Very good as a natural air freshener and the original fruit used to make Marmalade.

26 Oct, 2009


my mum used to use hers to make a jelly to go with pork or goose. yum-yum. from the other photo it def looks the Chaenomeles japonica.

apricots have a hard stone like a peach.

26 Oct, 2009

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